About IARC

IARC Welcome Pack


Before your arrival

You will be in touch with the IARC Relocation Assistant by email (Ms Christine Astier, email: astierc@iarc.fr) in order to deal with questions about your future accommodation and anything to do with day-to-day living. She will reply to any questions you may have and will send you information about various topics, including a list of websites advertising accommodation for rent.

She will send you the list of recommended hotels (and will give you advice about the most suitable, if necessary), so that you can rent temporary accommodation for at least 3 weeks, in order to have enough time to find permanent accommodation.

In order to facilitate the search for a flat/house, it is advisable to carry out your own online searches to have an idea of what accommodation is available and at what price. In the week preceding your arrival in Lyon, you will be able to send the listings you are interested in to the IARC Relocation Assistant so that she can make appointments for you to visit.

You will need to have a good idea of the type of lodging you are looking for (flat, house, hotel, or student residence), its requirements (size, furnished or unfurnished, location), and the price you wish to pay.

Upon arrival

The IARC Relocation Assistant can help you with any questions about day-to-day living and can, for example:

  • Help you to select the most suitable local accommodation listings
  • Help to put together all the papers you will need to rent a property
  • Help you if necessary when signing a lease/completing an inventory for your permanent accommodation
  • Help you to take out compulsory home insurance, and help you with contracts for local services: electricity, gas, water, ISP (telephone, television, and Internet), subscriptions to local bus, metro, and tram services, and/or Velo’v (local rent-a-bike service)
  • Help you to search for and contact local schools and day-care facilities (“crèches”).

During your stay

The IARC Relocation Assistant can provide information or help you with any questions related to your accommodation, or your family, in particular local property taxes, television licence, insurance, or any problem you may encounter.

Upon departure

When you leave your accommodation, the IARC Relocation Assistant will accompany you during the various formalities and will help you to:

  • Write the registered letter informing the agency/your landlord of your departure (at the latest 3 months beforehand if the property is rented unfurnished, 1 month if furnished or if departure is for professional reasons)
  • Carry out the inventory before departure
  • Cancel your home insurance (except if it was taken out via the Kastler Foundation)
  • Cancel the various contracts you may have taken out during your stay
  • Ensure that your mail is forwarded to your new address

NB: Please remember that any official letters sent out for any reason should be sent signed.