N° 147
20 May 2003 


The annual meeting of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) started with a fanfare. One new Member State was given a warm welcome : Spain is becoming IARC’s sixteenth member.

Dr Jean Larivière, Chairman of the Agency’s Governing Council, stated :
"This will open a new spectrum of collaboration in southern Europe and complete IARC’s representation on this continent." The Membership of the IARC is now 16, of which 12 countries are European, two are North American (Canada, USA), and two are located in the East (Australia, Japan).

The Agency, a Research institute of the World Health Organization (WHO), aims at global representation and talks have been initiated with additional countries who have expressed the wish to join the membership.

Dr Moreno, Spain’s Representative on the Governing Council of IARC, said: "I am proud and honored for my country to join the Agency. Cancer research is an essential element of our national health system, and our Health plan aims at achieving a better understanding of the etiological mechanisms of the disease, at developing therapeutic instruments for palliative care and implementing new technologies for better care".

Dr Paul Kleihues, Director of the Agency, took pleasure in greeting the new membership of Spain, and added that "Spain will reinforce the Agency’s commitment to research into the causes of cancer leading to the real aim – the primary prevention of cancer which is the most universal component of cancer control".

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