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Pathology and Genetics of Tumours of Soft Tissue and Bone

World Health Organization Classification of Tumours

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WHO Classification of Soft Tissue Tumours
Chapter 1. Adipocytic Tumours
Chapter 2. Fibroblastic / Myofibroblastic tumours
Chapter 3. So-called fibrohistiocytic tumours
Chapter 4. Smooth muscle tumours
Chapter 5. Pericytic (perivascular) tumours
Chapter 6. Skeletal muscle tumours
Chapter 7. Vascular tumours
Chapter 8. Chondro-osseous tumours
Chapter 9. Tumours of uncertain differentiation
WHO Classification of Bone Tumours
Chapter 10. Cartilage tumours
Chapter 11. Osteogenic tumours
Chapter 12. Fibrogenic tumours
Chapter 13. Fibrohistiocytic tumours
Chapter 14. Ewing sarcoma / Primitive neuroectodermal tumour
Chapter 15. Haematopoietic tumours
Chapter 16. Giant cell tumours
Chapter 17. Notochordal tumours
Chapter 18. Vascular tumours
Chapter 19. Myogenic, lipogenic, neural, and epithelial tumours
Chapter 20. Tumours of undefined neoplastic nature
Chapter 21. Congenital and inherited syndromes
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