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2014; 49 pages
ISBN (PDF): 978-92-832-0436-7
ISBN (ePub): 978-92-832-0437-4

Planning and Developing Population-Based Cancer Registration in Low- and Middle-Income Settings

IARC Technical Publication No. 43
Authors: F. Bray, A. Znaor, P. Cueva, A. Korir, R. Swaminathan, A. Ullrich, S.A. Wang, and D.M. Parkin

This guidance document provides an overview of the key concepts in cancer registration, covering the steps involved in planning a registry, the sources of information a registry will need to access, methods for ensuring data quality, and how registry results should be reported. It will be of value to those who are seeking to establish a registry or are in the early stages of developing a registry. It covers the major components that need to be thought about when setting up a registry and ensuring that it provides the necessary information for its main stakeholders -especially those involved in cancer control planning.

1995; 322 pages
ISBN 9283214242

Manual for Cancer Registry Personnel

IARC Technical Report No. 10
Edited by D. Esteban, S. Whelan, A. Laudico, D.M. Parkin

A complete training guide and day-to-day reference for personnel working in population-based cancer registries. Firmly rooted in practical experience, the manual aims to provide all the information needed to help personnel exercise good judgement as well as follow standard procedures of abstracting and coding. Explanations of specific tasks are complemented by numerous reference tables and charts, definitions, exercises, questions and answers, model forms, and examples of typical reports and records. Details range from a flow chart for finding cancer cases in hospitals, through exercises for practice in abstracting and coding, to advice on how to interpret ambiguous terms often used by physicians.