Research Groups

Nutrition and Metabolism - Biomarkers Group

Current Research Topics:

1. Discovery of novel biomarkers of exposure for dietary, environmental, and metabolic cancer risk factors

- Identify and validate, through metabolomic approaches, novel biomarkers of metabolic and environmental exposures, including obesity, diet (coffee, meats, fruit and vegetables, alcoholic beverages, dietary fibres, polyphenols) and microbiota.

- Develop novel analytical methods to measure specific biomarkers (hormones, inflammatory factors, diet) in large epidemiological studies.

- Develop Exposome-Explorer, an online knowledge database on biomarkers of exposure to cancer risk factors (diet, food constituents, contaminants, and pollutants).

2. Identification of risk factors for cancer and intermediate end-points through biomarker approaches

- Measure the exposome using untargeted and targeted metabolomic approaches in large epidemiological and/or intervention studies established in high- and low-income countries.

- Identify metabolic and environmental factors associated with different cancer outcomes (with a special focus on breast cancer and thyroid cancer) and intermediate end-points (obesity, metabolic syndrome, mammographic density).

- Identify the main determinants of concentrations of biomarkers for metabolic and environmental exposures.