Research Groups

Section of Cancer Surveillance

Current Research Topics:

Global cancer burden:

Development of an online gateway to support collaborative studies and projects with cancer registries worldwide;

Production of Volume X of Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5);

Dissemination of registration data published in CI5 or otherwise;

Production of Volume 3 of International Incidence of Childhood Cancer;

Provision of regular updates to GLOBOCAN;

Cancer registry support worldwide:

Revision and updating of ICDO-3 coding system;

Secretariat for International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR);

Support to European Network of cancer Registries (ENCR) by provision of secretariat and through relevant work packages within EUROCOURSE and European Partnership for Action against Cancer projects;

Cancer registry support in low- and middle-resource countries:

Targeted regional-based strategy for capacity building and establishment of collaborative centres;

Development of and training in CanReg5 software;

Regional cancer registration and epidemiology courses;

Advice, support and training for specific registries;

Descriptive epidemiology:

Global cancer incidence, mortality and prevalence patterns (current status and time trends);

1. Global description of incidence, mortality and prevalence by world area, cancer type, sex- and age-group
2. Regional overviews of incidence and mortality by country
3. Cancer burden and the impact of human development
4. Time trends in major histological subtypes or anatomic subsites
5. Global time trends and the role of demographic, epidemiologic and cancer transitions according to human development indices
6. Future cancer burden based on projected demographic changes
7. Scenario-based predictions of future cancer burden based on prospects for early detection and prevention

Cancer survival in developing countries;

Worldwide estimates of cancer burden attributable to infection;

Descriptive epidemiology of childhood cancer;

Piloting short and long-term follow-up of childhood cancer patients in European cancer registries;

Methods for estimating Person-Years of Life Lost (PYLL) and Disability-adjusted Life Years lost (DALYs) for cancer;

Methods for estimating incidence and mortality of cancer with sparse data;

Collation and analysis of routine data on stage at diagnosis for selected cancers;


GLOBOCAN development to include prevalence and survival

Electronic implementation of International Incidence of Childhood Cancer-Volume 3

Development of new online presentation tools for European data (including ECO, EUROCIM-2, EUCAN 2010, EUROCAN and ACCIS);

Global geographical mapping of cancer risk factors and attributable risks;

Publication of results from cancer registries in developing countries when not included in CI5.