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Nutrition and Metabolism -  Dietary Exposure Assessment Group


The overall goal of the DEX Group is to improve the accuracy, understanding and interpretation of (changes in) dietary exposure in studies on diet and cancer and other intermediate diseases. This group has a leading role in the development and validation of standardised dietary methodologies to estimate and monitor (changes in) dietary exposure and improve their integrated analyses in relation to diseases, particularly in international study settings. These activities rely on multi-disciplinary networks and collaborations (e.g. EPIC, EFSA, EuroFIR, WPHNA, local IT companies) to support the dissemination and the implementation of the DEX dietary methodologies in existing/new cohorts and monitoring surveys.

In addition, DEX has developed a research interest in dietary pattern analyses (particularly nutrient and nutritional biomarkers), to integrate better the intrinsic complexity of dietary exposure (i.e. strong interactions between foods, nutrients and other bioactive components consumed). Methodologies have been developed and specifically adapted to international study designs and are planned to be applied in etiological studies with different cancers and other disease endpoints. As an integrated objective of the whole section, DEX aims to contribute with its experience in dietary exposure assessment to the development of food and nutritional guidelines relevant for cancer prevention.