Research Groups

Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis - Epigenetics Group

Key Recent Publications

1. Vaissière T, Cuenin C, Paliwal A, Vineis P, the Genair-EPIC Investigators, Hainaut P and Herceg Z (2009) Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation after whole bisulfitome amplification of a minute amount of DNA from bodily fluids. Epigenetics 4(4):221-230

2. Vaissière, V., Hung, R., Zaridze, D., Mukeria, A., Cuenin, C., Fasolo, V., Ferro, G., Hainaut, P., Brennan, P., Tost, J., Boffetta, P., Herceg, Z (2009) Quantitative analysis of DNA methylation profiles in lung cancer identifies aberrant DNA methylation of specific genes and its association with gender and cancer risk factors. Cancer Research 69:243-52

3. Tardat, M., Murr, M., Herceg, Z. , Sardet C., and Julien E (2007) PR-Set7 dependent lysine methylation ensures genome replication and stability through S phase. Journal of Cell Biology 179:1413-26

4. Murr R., Vaissière T., Sawan C., Shukla V. and Herceg, Z (2007) Orchestration of chromatin-based processes: mind the TRRAP. Oncogene 26:5358-72

5. Herceg, Z (2007) Epigenetics and cancer: towards an evaluation of the impact of environmental and dietary factors. Mutagenesis 22:91-103

6. Yang Y.-G., Frappart P.-O., Barrucand C., Dumon-Jones V., Michelon J., Herceg Z. & Wang Z.-Q (2006) Nbs1 is required for the activation of both ATM and ATR kinases and modulates the choice of DNA double-strand break repair pathways. EMBO J 25:5527-38

7. Murr R., Loizou L., Yang Y.-G., Cuenin C., Li H., Wang Z.Q. and Herceg Z (2006) Histone acetylation by Trrap/Tip60 modulates loading of repair proteins and repair of DNA double strand breaks. Nature Cell Biology 8:91-99

8. Robert F, Hardy S, Nagy Z, Baldeyron C, Murr R, Déry U, Masson JY, Papadopoulo D, Herceg Z, Tora L (2006) The transcriptional HAT cofactor TRRAP associates with the MRN repair complex and plays a role in DNA double strand break repair. Molecular Cellular Biology 26:402-412

9. Frappart PO, Tong WM, Demuth I, Radovanovic I, Herceg Z, Aguzzi A, Digweed M, Wang ZQ (2005) Neural disruption of the Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome gene (NBS1) in mice causes ataxia and cerebellar defects mediated by p53. Nature Medicine 11:538-544

10. Li H, Cuenin C, Murr M, Wang ZQ, Herceg Z (2004) HAT cofactor Trrap regulates the mitotic checkpoint by modulation of Mad1 and Mad2 expression. EMBO J 23:4824-4835

11. Herceg Z., Hulla W., Gell D., Cuenin C., Lleonart M., Jackson S. & Wang Z.Q (2001) Disruption of Trrap causes early embryonic lethality and defects in cell cycle progression. Nature Genetics 29:206-211