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Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis - Epigenetics Group

Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Wild C.P., Bucher J.R., de Jong B.W., Dillner J., von Gertten C., Groopman J.D., Herceg Z., Holmes E., Holmila R., Olsen J.H., Ringborg U., Scalbert A., Shibata T., Smith M.T., Ulrich C., Vineis P., McLaughlin J. (2015) Translational Cancer Research: Balancing Prevention and Treatment to Combat Cancer Globally Journal of the National Cancer Institute; 107(1):. PMID: 25515230

2. da Costa A.N., Plymoth A., Santos-Silva D., Ortiz-Cuaran S., Camey S., Guilloreau P., Sangrajrang S., Khuhaprema T., Mendy M., Lesi O.A., Chang H.K., Oh J.K., Lee D.H., Shin H.R., Kirk G.D., Merle P., Beretta L., Hainaut P. (2015) Osteopontin and latent-TGF beta binding-protein 2 as potential diagnostic markers for HBV-related hepatocellular carcinoma International journal of cancer; 136(1):172-181. PMID: 24803312

3. Lambert M.P., Ancey P.B., Esposti D.D., Cros M.P., Sklias A., Scoazec J.Y., Durantel D., Hernandez-Vargas H., Herceg Z. (2015) Aberrant DNA methylation of imprinted loci in hepatocellular carcinoma and after in vitro exposure to common risk factors Clin.Epigenetics.; 7(1):15. PMID: 25755686

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6. Hedley C., Sriraksa R., Showeil R., Van Noorden S., El-Bahrawy M. (2014) The frequency and significance of WT-1 expression in serous endometrial carcinoma Hum Pathol; 45(9):1879-1884. PMID: 25033726

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11. Leduc C., Chemin G., Puget N., Sawan C., Moutahir M., Herceg Z., Khamlichi A.A. (2014) Tissue-specific inactivation of HAT cofactor TRRAP reveals its essential role in B cells Cell Cycle; 13(10):1583-1589. PMID: 24675885

12. Berwick M., MacArthur J., Orlow I., Kanetsky P., Begg C.B., Luo L., Reiner A., Sharma A., Armstrong B.K., Kricker A., Cust A.E., Marrett L.D., Gruber S.B., Anton-Culver H., Zanetti R., Rosso S., Gallagher R.P., Dwyer T., Venn A., Busam K., From L., White K., Thomas N.E. (2014) MITF E318K's effect on melanoma risk independent of, but modified by, other risk factors Pigment Cell Melanoma Res; 27(3):485-488. PMID: 24406078