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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Damiola F., Byrnes G., Moissonnier M., Pertesi M., Deltour I., Fillon A., Le Calvez-Kelm F., Tenet V., McKay-Chopin S., McKay J.D., Malakhova I., Masyakin V., Cardis E., Lesueur F., Kesminiene A. (2014) Contribution of ATM and FOXE1 (TTF2) to risk of papillary thyroid carcinoma in Belarusian children exposed to radiation International journal of cancer; 134(7):1659-1668. PMID: 24105688

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3. Le Cornet C., Lortet-Tieulent J., Forman D., Beranger R., Flechon A., Fervers B., Schuz J., Bray F. (2014) Testicular cancer incidence to rise by 25% by 2025 in Europe? Model-based predictions in 40 countries using population-based registry data Eur.J Cancer; 50(4):831-839. PMID: 24369860

4. Hamra G.B., Semelka R.C., Burke L.M., Pate V., Brookhart M.A. (2014) Trends in Diagnostic CT Among Fee-For-Service Enrollees, 2000-2011 J Am.Coll.Radiol.; 11(2):125-130. PMID: 24035504

5. Hamra G.B., Maclehose R., Richardson D., Bertke S., Daniels R.D. (2014) Modelling complex mixtures in epidemiologic analysis: additive versus relative measures for differential effectiveness Occup.Environ.Med.; 71(2):141-146. PMID: 24213566

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7. Vermeulen R., Silverman D.T., Garshick E., Vlaanderen J., Portengen L., Steenland K. (2014) Exposure-response estimates for diesel engine exhaust and lung cancer mortality based on data from three occupational cohorts Environ.Health Perspect.; 122(2):172-177. PMID: 24273233

8. Vlaanderen J., Portengen L., Schuz J., Olsson A., Pesch B., Kendzia B., Stucker I., Guida F., Bruske I., Wichmann H.E., Consonni D., Landi M.T., Caporaso N., Siemiatycki J., Merletti F., Mirabelli D., Richiardi L., Gustavsson P., Plato N., Jockel K.H., Ahrens W., Pohlabeln H., Tardon A., Zaridze D., Field J.K., 't Mannetje A., Pearce N., McLaughlin J., Demers P., Szeszenia-Dabrowska N., Lissowska J., Rudnai P., Fabianova E., Stanescu Dumitru R., Bencko V., Foretova L., Janout V., Boffetta P., Forastiere F., Bueno-de-Mesquita B., Peters S., Bruning T., Kromhout H., Straif K., Vermeulen R. (2014) Effect modification of the association of cumulative exposure and cancer risk by intensity of exposure and time since exposure cessation: a flexible method applied to cigarette smoking and lung cancer in the SYNERGY Study Am.J Epidemiol; 179(3):290-298. PMID: 24355332

9. Ross H., Kostova D., Stoklosa M., Leon M. (2014) The impact of cigarette excise taxes on smoking cessation rates from 1994 to 2010 in poland, Russia, and ukraine Nicotine.Tob.Res.; S37-S43. PMID: 24343956

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12. Kaufman J.S., Hamra G. (2013) In Chan et al. the difference between p < 0.05 and p < 0.05 is p > 0.05 Pharmacogenomics.; 14(16):1941-1942. PMID: 24279846