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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Bailey H.D., Fritschi L., Infante-Rivard C., Glass D.C., Miligi L., Dockerty J.D., Lightfoot T., Clavel J., Roman E., Spector L.G., Kaatsch P., Metayer C., Magnani C., Milne E., Polychronopoulou S., Simpson J., Rudant J., Sidi V., Rondelli R., Orsi L., Kang A.Y., Petridou E., Schuz J. (2014) Parental occupational pesticide exposure and the risk of childhood leukemia in the offspring: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium International journal of cancer; 135(9):2157-2172. PMID: 24700406

2. Dickens C., Joffe M., Jacobson J., Venter F., Schuz J., Cubasch H., McCormack V. (2014) Stage at breast cancer diagnosis and distance from diagnostic hospital in a periurban setting: A South African public hospital case series of over 1,000 women International journal of cancer; 135(9):2173-2182. PMID: 24658866

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5. Hamra G.B., Guha N., Cohen A., Laden F., Raaschou-Nielsen O., Samet J.M., Vineis P., Forastiere F., Saldiva P., Yorifuji T., Loomis D. (2014) Outdoor particulate matter exposure and lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Environ Health Perspect.; 122(9):906-911. PMID: 24911630

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7. Gallus S., Lugo A., Fernandez E., Gilmore A.B., Leon M.E., Clancy L., La Vecchia C. (2014) Support for a tobacco endgame strategy in 18 European countries Preventive medicine; 255-258. PMID: 25117519

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11. Vlaanderen J., Straif K., Ruder A., Blair A., Hansen J., Lynge E., Charbotel B., Loomis D., Kauppinen T., Kyyronen P., Pukkala E., Weiderpass E., Guha N. (2014) Tetrachloroethylene exposure and bladder cancer risk: a meta-analysis of dry-cleaning-worker studies Environ Health Perspect.; 122(7):661-666. PMID: 24659585

12. Auvinen A., Seppa K., Pasanen K., Kurttio P., Patama T., Pukkala E., Heinavaara S., Arvela H., Verkasalo P., Hakulinen T. (2014) Chernobyl fallout and cancer incidence in Finland International journal of cancer; 134(9):2253-2263. PMID: 24135935