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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Lonjou C., Damiola F., Moissonnier M., Durand G., Malakhova I., Masyakin V., Le Calvez-Kelm F., Cardis E., Byrnes G., Kesminiene A., Lesueur F. (2017) Investigation of DNA repair-related SNPs underlying susceptibility to papillary thyroid carcinoma reveals MGMT as a novel candidate gene in Belarusian children exposed to radiation BMC cancer; 17(1):328. PMID: 28499365

2. Bingham D., Berard P., Birchall A., Bull R., Cardis E., Challeton-de Vathaire C., Grellier J., Hurtgen C., Puncher M., Riddell A., Thierry-Chef I. (2017) Reconstruction of Internal Doses for the Alpha-Risk Case-Control Study of Lung Cancer and Leukaemia Among European Nuclear Workers Radiat Prot Dosimetry; 174(4):485-494. PMID: 27522044

3. Ambatipudi S., Horvath S., Perrier F., Cuenin C., Hernandez-Vargas H., Le Calvez-Kelm F., Durand G., Byrnes G., Ferrari P., Bouaoun L., Sklias A., Chajes V., Overvad K., Severi G., Baglietto L., Clavel-Chapelon F., Kaaks R., Barrdahl M., Boeing H., Trichopoulou A., Lagiou P., Naska A., Masala G., Agnoli C., Polidoro S., Tumino R., Panico S., Dolle M., Peeters P. H., Onland-Moret N. C., Sandanger T. M., Nost T. H., Weiderpass E., Quiros J. R., Agudo A., Rodriguez-Barranco M., Huerta Castano J. M., Barricarte A., Fernandez A. M., Travis R. C., Vineis P., Muller D. C., Riboli E., Gunter M., Romieu I., Herceg Z. (2017) DNA methylome analysis identifies accelerated epigenetic ageing associated with postmenopausal breast cancer susceptibility Eur J Cancer; 299-307. PMID: 28259012

4. Laurier D., Richardson D. B., Cardis E., Daniels R. D., Gillies M., O'Hagan J., Hamra G. B., Haylock R., Leuraud K., Moissonnier M., Schubauer-Berigan M. K., Thierry-Chef I., Kesminiene A. (2017) The International Nuclear Workers Study (Inworks): A Collaborative Epidemiological Study to Improve Knowledge About Health Effects of Protracted Low-Dose Exposure Radiat Prot Dosimetry; 173(1):21-25. PMID: 27885078

5. Johansen C., Schuz J., Andreasen A. S., Dalton S. O. (2017) Study designs may influence results: the problems with questionnaire-based case-control studies on the epidemiology of glioma Br J Cancer; 116(7):841-848. PMID: 28267708

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7. Daniels R. D., Bertke S. J., Richardson D. B., Cardis E., Gillies M., O'Hagan J. A., Haylock R., Laurier D., Leuraud K., Moissonnier M., Thierry-Chef I., Kesminiene A., Schubauer-Berigan M. K. (2017) Examining temporal effects on cancer risk in the international nuclear workers' study Int J Cancer; 140(6):1260-1269. PMID: 27914102

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9. Brenner D. R., Fanidi A., Grankvist K., Muller D. C., Brennan P., Manjer J., Byrnes G., Hodge A., Severi G., Giles G. G., Johansson M., Johansson M. (2017) Inflammatory Cytokines and Lung Cancer Risk in 3 Prospective Studies Am J Epidemiol; 185(2):86-95. PMID: 27998891

10. Schuz J., Deltour I., Krestinina L. Y., Tsareva Y. V., Tolstykh E. I., Sokolnikov M. E., Akleyev A. V. (2017) In utero exposure to radiation and haematological malignancies: pooled analysis of Southern Urals cohorts Br J Cancer; 116(1):126-133. PMID: 27855443

11. Ma H., Ursin G., Xu X., Lee E., Togawa K., Duan L., Lu Y., Malone K. E., Marchbanks P. A., McDonald J. A., Simon M. S., Folger S. G., Sullivan-Halley J., Deapen D. M., Press M. F., Bernstein L. (2017) Reproductive factors and the risk of triple-negative breast cancer in white women and African-American women: a pooled analysis Breast Cancer Res; 19(1):6. PMID: 28086982

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