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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Bailey H.D., Infante-Rivard C., Metayer C., Clavel J., Lightfoot T., Kaatsch P., Roman E., Magnani C., Spector L.G., Th Petridou E., Milne E., Dockerty J.D., Miligi L., Armstrong B.K., Rudant J., Fritschi L., Simpson J., Zhang L., Rondelli R., Baka M., Orsi L., Moschovi M., Kang A.Y., Schuz J. (2015) Home pesticide exposures and risk of childhood leukemia: Findings from the childhood leukemia international consortium International journal of cancer; 137(11):2644-2663. PMID: 26061779

2. Grell K., Diggle P.J., Frederiksen K., Schuz J., Cardis E., Andersen P.K. (2015) A three-dimensional point process model for the spatial distribution of disease occurrence in relation to an exposure source Stat Med.; 34(23):3170-3180. PMID: 26011698

3. Munishi M.O., Hanisch R., Mapunda O., Ndyetabura T., Ndaro A., Schuz J., Kibiki G., McCormack V. (2015) Africa's oesophageal cancer corridor: Do hot beverages contribute? Cancer causes & control : CCC; 26(10):1477-1486. PMID: 26245249

4. Bailey H.D., Metayer C., Milne E., Petridou E.T., Infante-Rivard C., Spector L.G., Clavel J., Dockerty J.D., Zhang L., Armstrong B.K., Rudant J., Fritschi L., Amigou A., Hatzipantelis E., Kang A.Y., Stiakaki E., Schuz J. (2015) Home paint exposures and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: findings from the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium Cancer causes & control : CCC; 26(9):1257-1270. PMID: 26134047

5. Ducarroz S., Leon M.E., Schott A.M., Friis S., Johansen C., Schuz J. (2015) Are male immigrants in Denmark at lower or higher risk of tobacco-related cancers? A Danish nationwide cohort study Acta Oncol.; 54(8):1128-1135. PMID: 25813476

6. Bosch de Basea M., Pearce M.S., Kesminiene A., Bernier M.O., Dabin J., Engels H., Hauptmann M., Krille L., Meulepas J.M., Struelens L., Baatout S., Kaijser M., Maccia C., Jahnen A., Thierry-Chef I., Blettner M., Johansen C., Kjaerheim K., Nordenskjold A., Olerud H., Salotti J.A., Andersen T.V., Vrijheid M., Cardis E. (2015) EPI-CT: design, challenges and epidemiological methods of an international study on cancer risk after paediatric and young adult CT J Radiol.Prot.; 35(3):611-628. PMID: 26226081

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8. Adel Fahmideh M., Lavebratt C., Schuz J., Roosli M., Tynes T., Grotzer M.A., Johansen C., Kuehni C.E., Lannering B., Prochazka M., Schmidt L.S., Feychting M. (2015) CCDC26, CDKN2BAS, RTEL1 and TERT Polymorphisms in pediatric brain tumor susceptibility Carcinogenesis; 36(8):876-882. PMID: 26014354

9. Startsev N., Dimov P., Grosche B., Tretyakov F., Schuz J., Akleyev A. (2015) Methods for Ensuring High Quality of Coding of Cause of Death. The Mortality Register to Follow Southern Urals Populations Exposed to Radiation Methods Inf.Med; 54(4):359-363. PMID: 25731905

10. Vandevoorde C., Gomolka M., Roessler U., Samaga D., Lindholm C., Fernet M., Hall J., Pernot E., El-Saghire H., Baatout S., Kesminiene A., Thierens H. (2015) EPI-CT: in vitro assessment of the applicability of the gamma-H2AX-foci assay as cellular biomarker for exposure in a multicentre study of children in diagnostic radiology Int J Radiat.Biol; 91(8):653-663. PMID: 25968559

11. El-Zaemey S., Schuz J., Leon M.E. (2015) Qat Chewing and Risk of Potentially Malignant and Malignant Oral Disorders: A Systematic Review Int.J Occup.Environ Med.; 6(3):129-143. PMID: 26174990

12. Leuraud K., Richardson D.B., Cardis E., Daniels R.D., Gillies M., O'Hagan J.A., Hamra G.B., Haylock R., Laurier D., Moissonnier M., Schubauer-Berigan M.K., Thierry-Chef I., Kesminiene A. (2015) Ionising radiation and risk of death from leukaemia and lymphoma in radiation-monitored workers (INWORKS): an international cohort study Lancet Haematol.; 2(7):e276-e281. PMID: 26436129