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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Cettier J., Bayle M.L., Beranger R., Billoir E., Nuckols J.R., Combourieu B., Fervers B. (2015) Efficiency of wipe sampling on hard surfaces for pesticides and PCB residues in dust Sci Total Environ; 11-21. PMID: 25306091

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4. Bailey H.D., Miller M., Greenop K.R., Bower C., Attia J., Marshall G.M., Armstrong B.K., Milne E. (2014) Paternal intake of folate and vitamins B6 and B12 before conception and risk of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia Cancer causes & control : CCC; 25(12):1615-1625. PMID: 25281326

5. Huoi C., Olsson A., Lightfoot T., Roman E., Clavel J., Lacour B., Kaatsch P., Kromhout H., Vermeulen R., Peters S., Bailey H.D., Schuz J. (2014) Parental occupational exposure and risk of childhood central nervous system tumors: a pooled analysis of case-control studies from Germany, France, and the UK Cancer causes & control : CCC; 25(12):1603-1613. PMID: 25281325

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7. Dickens C., Joffe M., Jacobson J., Venter F., Schuz J., Cubasch H., McCormack V. (2014) Stage at breast cancer diagnosis and distance from diagnostic hospital in a periurban setting: A South African public hospital case series of over 1,000 women International journal of cancer; 135(9):2173-2182. PMID: 24658866

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10. Walsh L., Zhang W., Shore R.E., Auvinen A., Laurier D., Wakeford R., Jacob P., Gent N., Anspaugh L.R., Schuz J., Kesminiene A., van Deventer E., Tritscher A., Del Rosarion Perez M. (2014) A framework for estimating radiation-related cancer risks in Japan from the 2011 fukushima nuclear accident Radiat.Res; 182(5):556-572. PMID: 25251702

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