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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. McCormack V. A., Menya D., Munishi M. O., Dzamalala C., Gasmelseed N., Leon Roux M., Assefa M., Osano O., Watts M., Mwasamwaja A. O., Mmbaga B. T., Murphy G., Abnet C. C., Dawsey S. M., Schuz J. (2017) Informing etiologic research priorities for squamous cell esophageal cancer in Africa: A review of setting-specific exposures to known and putative risk factors Int J Cancer; 140(2):259-271. PMID: 27466161

2. Dickens C., Pfeiffer R. M., Anderson W. F., Duarte R., Kellett P., Schuz J., Kielkowski D., McCormack V. A. (2016) Investigation of breast cancer sub-populations in black and white women in South Africa Breast Cancer Res Treat; 160(3):531-537. PMID: 27757717

3. Feletto E., Schuz J., Sitas F. (2016) Developing the environmental and lifestyle exposure assessment (ELEA) tool for cancer epidemiology research in low resource settings J Glob Health; 6(2):020307. PMID: 27606057

4. Jedy-Agba E., McCormack V., Adebamowo C., Dos-Santos-Silva I. (2016) Stage at diagnosis of breast cancer in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis Lancet Glob Health; 4(12):e923-e935. PMID: 27855871

5. Sadetzki S., Chetrit A., Turner M. C., van Tongeren M., Benke G., Figuerola J., Fleming S., Hours M., Kincl L., Krewski D., McLean D., Parent M. E., Richardson L., Schlehofer B., Schlaefer K., Blettner M., Schuz J., Siemiatycki J., Cardis E. (2016) Occupational exposure to metals and risk of meningioma: a multinational case-control study J Neurooncol; 130(3):505-515. PMID: 27664150

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9. Deltour I., Tsareva Y., Schonfeld S. J., Vostrotin V. V., Okatenko P., Sokolnikov M., Schuz J. (2016) Risk of Hematologic Malignancies in the Offspring of Female Workers of the Mayak Nuclear Facility in the Southern Urals, Russian Federation Radiat Res; 186(4):415-421. PMID: 27690175

10. Febvey O., Schuz J., Bailey H. D., Clavel J., Lacour B., Orsi L., Lightfoot T., Roman E., Vermeulen R., Kromhout H., Olsson A. (2016) Risk of Central Nervous System Tumors in Children Related to Parental Occupational Pesticide Exposures in three European Case-Control Studies J Occup Environ Med; 58(10):1046-1052. PMID: 27525525

11. Leon M. E., Lugo A., Boffetta P., Gilmore A., Ross H., Schuz J., La Vecchia C., Gallus S. (2016) Smokeless tobacco use in Sweden and other 17 European countries Eur J Public Health; 26(5):817-821. PMID: 27048433

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