Research Groups

Section of Genetics - Genetic Epidemiology Group

Current Research Topics:

  1. The development of large-scale international consortia of case-control and cohort studies, specifically for three cancer sites (lung, head and neck, and kidney) and the conduction of comprehensive genome-wide association studies for cancers at each of these sites, as well as the study of potential gene‐environment interactions, including comprehensive evaluation of environmental and lifestyle risk factors, incorporating biomarkers of exposure where appropriate

  2. The extensive evaluation of important risk factors in relevant study populations (e.g. through cohort studies), coupled with large-scale analyses of germline genetic variation using a Mendelian randomization framework to obtain conclusive evidence of causality

  3. The tumour sequencing of selected cancers to identify mutation profiles that may be indicative of specific exposures, as well as the study of genomic early markers, including circulating tumour DNA, circulating microRNA profiles, and human papillomavirus (HPV) antibodies

  4. The analysis of somatic mutations in tumors using case-control studies or case series with comprehensive information on risk factors and clinical outcome

  5. The continued recruitment for and follow-up of case-control studies for lung, head and neck, and renal cancers, particularly in high-risk regions of central Europe and South America, as well as the coordination of large cohort studies, including those in Russia, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Europe