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Section of Genetics - Genetic Epidemiology Group

Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Brenner D.R., Wozniak M.B., Feyt C., Holcatova I., Janout V., Foretova L., Fabianova E., Shonova O., Martinek A., Ryska M., Adamcakova Z., Flaska E., Moskal A., Brennan P., Scelo G. (2014) Physical activity and risk of pancreatic cancer in a central European multicenter case-control study Cancer causes & control : CCC; 25(6):669-681. PMID: 24695987

2. Ahrens W., Pohlabeln H., Foraita R., Nelis M., Lagiou P., Lagiou A., Bouchardy C., Slamova A., Schejbalova M., Merletti F., Richiardi L., Kjaerheim K., Agudo A., Castellsague X., Macfarlane T.V., MacFarlane G.J., Lee Y.C., Talamini R., Barzan L., Canova C., Simonato L., Thomson P., McKinney P.A., McMahon A.D., Znaor A., Healy C.M., McCartan B.E., Metspalu A., Marron M., Hashibe M., Conway D.I., Brennan P. (2014) Oral health, dental care and mouthwash associated with upper aerodigestive tract cancer risk in Europe: The ARCAGE study Oral Oncology; 50(6):616-625. PMID: 24680035

3. Lujan-Barroso L., Gonzalez C.A., Slimani N., Obon-Santacana M., Ferrari P., Freisling H., Overvad K., Clavel-Chapelon F., Boutron-Ruault M.C., Racine A., Katzke V., Kuhn T., Tjonneland A., Olsen A., Quiros J.R., Sanchez-Cantalejo E., Amiano P., Navarro C., Barricarte A., Khaw K.T., Wareham N., Travis R.C., Trichopoulou A., Bamia C., Benetou V., Saieva C., Grioni S., Tumino R., Vineis P., Mattiello A., Bueno-de-Mesquita H.B., Siersema P.D., Numans M.E., Peeters P.H., Ericson U., Wirfalt E., Sund M., Johansson M., Weiderpass E., Skeie G., Riboli E., Boeing H., Duell E.J. (2014) Dietary intake of acrylamide and esophageal cancer risk in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort Cancer causes & control : CCC; 25(5):639-646. PMID: 24532026

4. Midttun O., Townsend M.K., Nygard O., Tworoger S.S., Brennan P., Johansson M., Ueland P.M. (2014) Most blood biomarkers related to vitamin status, one-carbon metabolism, and the kynurenine pathway show adequate preanalytical stability and within-person reproducibility to allow assessment of exposure or nutritional status in healthy women and cardiovascular patients Journal of nutrition; 144(5):784-790. PMID: 24647388

5. Malekzadeh M.M., Khademi H., Malekzadeh R., Kamangar F. (2014) Response to lankarani American journal of gastroenterology; 109(4):600-601. PMID: 24698869

6. Park S.L., Fesinmeyer M.D., Timofeeva M., Caberto C.P., Kocarnik J.M., Han Y., Love S.A., Young A., Dumitrescu L., Lin Y., Goodloe R., Wilkens L.R., Hindorff L., Fowke J.H., Carty C., Buyske S., Schumacher F.R., Butler A., Dilks H., Deelman E., Cote M.L., Chen W., Pande M., Christiani D.C., Field J.K., Bickebller H., Risch A., Heinrich J., Brennan P., Wang Y., Eisen T., Houlston R.S., Thun M., Albanes D., Caporaso N., Peters U., North K.E., Heiss G., Crawford D.C., Bush W.S., Haiman C.A., Landi M.T., Hung R.J., Kooperberg C., Amos C.I., Le Marchand L., Cheng I. (2014) Pleiotropic Associations of Risk Variants Identified for Other Cancers With Lung Cancer Risk: The PAGE and TRICL Consortia Journal of the National Cancer Institute; 106(4):dju061. PMID: 24681604

7. Zaridze D., Lewington S., Boroda A., Scelo G., Karpov R., Lazarev A., Konobeevskaya I., Igitov V., Terechova T., Boffetta P., Sherliker P., Kong X., Whitlock G., Boreham J., Brennan P., Peto R. (2014) Alcohol and mortality in Russia: prospective observational study of 151,000 adults Lancet; 383(9927):1465-1473. PMID: 24486187

8. Villeneuve P.J., Jerrett M., Brenner D., Su J., Chen H., McLaughlin J.R. (2014) Villeneuve et al. Respond to "impact of air pollution on lung cancer" American journal of epidemiology; 179(4):455-456. PMID: 24287469

9. Villeneuve P.J., Jerrett M., Brenner D., Su J., Chen H., McLaughlin J.R. (2014) A case-control study of long-term exposure to ambient volatile organic compounds and lung cancer in Toronto, Ontario, Canada American journal of epidemiology; 179(4):443-451. PMID: 24287467

10. Etemadi A., Abnet C.C., Kamangar F., Islami F., Khademi H., Pourshams A., Poustchi H., Bagheri M., Sohrabpour A.A., Aliasgar A., Khoshnia M., Wacholder S., Matthews C.C., Pharoah P.D., Brennan P., Boffetta P., Malekzadeh R., Dawsey S.M. (2014) Impact of body size and physical activity during adolescence and adult life on overall and cause-specific mortality in a large cohort study from Iran European journal of epidemiology; 29(2):95-109. PMID: 24557643

11. Pearce N., Brennan P., Foliaki S., Ellison-Loschmann L., D'Souza W., Davey Smith G. (2014) The ikale collaboration: randomized trials of beer recognition International journal of epidemiology; 43(1):81-82. PMID: 24585855

12. Kreimer A.R., Johansson M., Hildesheim A., Pawlita M., Brennan P. (2014) Reply to p.e. Castle Journal of clinical oncology; 32(4):361-362. PMID: 24366940