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Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. D'Souza G., Anantharaman D., Gheit T., Abedi-Ardekani B., Beachler D. C., Conway D. I., Olshan A. F., Wunsch-Filho V., Toporcov T. N., Ahrens W., Wisniewski K., Merletti F., Boccia S., Tajara E. H., Zevallos J. P., Levi J. E., Weissler M. C., Wright S., Scelo G., Mazul A. L., Tommasino M., Brennan P., Cadoni G. (2016) Effect of HPV on head and neck cancer patient survival, by region and tumor site: A comparison of 1362 cases across three continents Oral Oncol; 20-27. PMID: 27865368

2. Dona M. G., Gheit T., Vescio M. F., Latini A., Moretto D., Benevolo M., Cristaudo A., Tommasino M., Giuliani M. (2016) Incidence, clearance and duration of cutaneous beta and gamma human papillomavirus anal infection J Infect; 73(4):380-3. PMID: 27427205

3. Mazul A. L., Rodriguez-Ormaza N., Taylor J. M., Desai D. D., Brennan P., Anantharaman D., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Abedi-Ardekani B., Olshan A. F., Zevallos J. P. (2016) Prognostic significance of non-HPV16 genotypes in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Oral Oncol; 98-103. PMID: 27688111

4. Pierce Campbell C. M., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Lin H. Y., Torres B. N., Messina J. L., Stoler M. H., Rollison D. E., Sirak B. A., Abrahamsen M., Carvalho da Silva R. J., Sichero L., Villa L. L., Lazcano-Ponce E., Giuliano A. R. (2016) Cutaneous beta human papillomaviruses and the development of male external genital lesions: A case-control study nested within the HIM Study Virology; 314-22. PMID: 27518539

5. Altamura G., Corteggio A., Pacini L., Conte A., Pierantoni G. M., Tommasino M., Accardi R., Borzacchiello G. (2016) Transforming properties of Felis catus papillomavirus type 2 E6 and E7 putative oncogenes in vitro and their transcriptional activity in feline squamous cell carcinoma in vivo Virology; 1-8. PMID: 27236740

6. Combita A. L., Gheit T., Gonzalez P., Puerto D., Murillo R. H., Montoya L., Vorsters A., Van Keer S., Van Damme P., Tommasino M., Hernandez-Suarez G., Sanchez L., Herrero R., Wiesner C. (2016) Comparison between Urine and Cervical Samples for HPV DNA Detection and Typing in Young Women in Colombia Cancer Prev Res (Phila); 9(9):766-71. PMID: 27417431

7. Sabol I., Smahelova J., Klozar J., Mravak-Stipetic M., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Grce M., Tachezy R. (2016) Beta-HPV types in patients with head and neck pathology and in healthy subjects J Clin Virol; 159-65. PMID: 27500365

8. Chiantore M. V., Mangino G., Iuliano M., Zangrillo M. S., De Lillis I., Vaccari G., Accardi R., Tommasino M., Columba Cabezas S., Federico M., Fiorucci G., Romeo G. (2016) Human papillomavirus E6 and E7 oncoproteins affect the expression of cancer-related microRNAs: additional evidence in HPV-induced tumorigenesis J Cancer Res Clin Oncol; 142(8):1751-63. PMID: 27300513

9. Clifford G. M., Vaccarella S., Franceschi S., Tenet V., Umulisa M. C., Tshomo U., Dondog B., Vorsters A., Tommasino M., Heideman D. A., Snijders P. J., Gheit T. (2016) Comparison of Two Widely Used Human Papillomavirus Detection and Genotyping Methods, GP5+/6+-Based PCR Followed by Reverse Line Blot Hybridization and Multiplex Type-Specific E7-Based PCR J Clin Microbiol; 54(8):2031-8. PMID: 27225411

10. Franceschi S., Chantal Umulisa M., Tshomo U., Gheit T., Baussano I., Tenet V., Tshokey T., Gatera M., Ngabo F., Van Damme P., Snijders P. J., Tommasino M., Vorsters A., Clifford G. M. (2016) Urine testing to monitor the impact of HPV vaccination in Bhutan and Rwanda Int J Cancer; 139(3):518-26. PMID: 26991686

11. Nunes E. M., Sudenga S. L., Gheit T., Tommasino M., Baggio M. L., Ferreira S., Galan L., Silva R. C., Pierce Campbell C. M., Lazcano-Ponce E., Giuliano A. R., Villa L. L., Sichero L. (2016) Diversity of beta-papillomavirus at anogenital and oral anatomic sites of men: The HIM Study Virology; 33-41. PMID: 27161202

12. Halec G., Schmitt M., Egger S., Abnet C. C., Babb C., Dawsey S. M., Flechtenmacher C., Gheit T., Hale M., Holzinger D., Malekzadeh R., Taylor P. R., Tommasino M., Urban M. I., Waterboer T., Pawlita M., Sitas F. (2016) Mucosal alpha-papillomaviruses are not associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinomas: Lack of mechanistic evidence from South Africa, China and Iran and from a world-wide meta-analysis Int J Cancer; 139(1):85-98. PMID: 26529033