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1. Scoccianti C., Lauby-Secretan B., Bello P.Y., Chajes V., Romieu I. (2014) Female breast cancer and alcohol consumption: a review of the literature Am.J Prev Med.; 46(3):S16-S25. PMID: 24512927

2. Portier C.J., Goldman L.R., Goldstein B.D. (2014) Inconclusive findings: now you see them, now you don't! Environ.Health Perspect.; 122(2):A36. PMID: 24486734

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5. Marks M.A., Chaturvedi A.K., Kelsey K., Straif K., Berthiller J., Schwartz S.M., Smith E., Wyss A., Brennan P., Olshan A.F., Wei Q., Sturgis E.M., Zhang Z.F., Morgenstern H., Muscat J., Lazarus P., McClean M., Chen C., Vaughan T.L., Wunsch-Filho V., Curado M.P., Koifman S., Matos E., Menezes A., Daudt A.W., Fernandez L., Posner M., Boffetta P., Lee Y.C., Hashibe M., D'Souza G. (2014) Association of Marijuana Smoking with Oropharyngeal and Oral Tongue Cancers: Pooled Analysis from the INHANCE Consortium Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention; 23(1):160-171. PMID: 24351902

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