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1. Currier J.M., Ishida M.C., Gonzalez-Horta C., Sanchez-Ramirez B., Ballinas-Casarrubias L., Gutierrez-Torres D.S., Ceron R.H., Morales D.V., Terrazas F.A., Del Razo L.M., Garcia-Vargas G.G., Saunders R.J., Drobna Z., Fry R.C., Matousek T., Buse J.B., Mendez M.A., Loomis D., Styblo M. (2014) Associations between Arsenic Species in Exfoliated Urothelial Cells and Prevalence of Diabetes among Residents of Chihuahua, Mexico Environ Health Perspect.; 122(10):1088-1094. PMID: 25000461

2. Denholm R., Schuz J., Straif K., Stucker I., Jockel K.H., Brenner D.R., De Matteis S., Boffetta P., Guida F., Bruske I., Wichmann H.E., Landi M.T., Caporaso N., Siemiatycki J., Ahrens W., Pohlabeln H., Zaridze D., Field J.K., McLaughlin J., Demers P., Szeszenia-Dabrowska N., Lissowska J., Rudnai P., Fabianova E., Dumitru R.S., Bencko V., Foretova L., Janout V., Kendzia B., Peters S., Behrens T., Vermeulen R., Bruning T., Kromhout H., Olsson C. (2014) Is previous respiratory disease a risk factor for lung cancer? Am J Respir.Crit Care Med; 190(5):549-559. PMID: 25054566

3. Hamra G.B., Guha N., Cohen A., Laden F., Raaschou-Nielsen O., Samet J.M., Vineis P., Forastiere F., Saldiva P., Yorifuji T., Loomis D. (2014) Outdoor particulate matter exposure and lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis Environ Health Perspect.; 122(9):906-911. PMID: 24911630

4. Guha N., Warnakulasuriya S., Vlaanderen J., Straif K. (2014) Betel quid chewing and the risk of oral and oropharyngeal cancers: a meta-analysis with implications for cancer control International journal of cancer; 135(6):1433-1443. PMID: 24302487

5. Benbrahim-Tallaa L., Lauby-Secretan B., Loomis D., Guyton K.Z., Grosse Y., El Ghissassi F., Bouvard V., Guha N., Mattock H., Straif K. (2014) Carcinogenicity of perfluorooctanoic acid, tetrafluoroethylene, dichloromethane, 1,2-dichloropropane, and 1,3-propane sultone Lancet oncology; 15(9):924-925. PMID: 25225686

6. Vlaanderen J., Straif K., Ruder A., Blair A., Hansen J., Lynge E., Charbotel B., Loomis D., Kauppinen T., Kyyronen P., Pukkala E., Weiderpass E., Guha N. (2014) Tetrachloroethylene exposure and bladder cancer risk: a meta-analysis of dry-cleaning-worker studies Environ Health Perspect.; 122(7):661-666. PMID: 24659585

7. Samet J.M., Straif K., Schuz J., Saracci R. (2014) The authors respond Epidemiology; 25(4):618. PMID: 24887168

8. Hamra G.B., Loomis D., Dement J. (2014) Examining the association of lung cancer and highly correlated fibre size-specific asbestos exposures with a hierarchical Bayesian model Occupational and Environmental Medicine; 71(5):353-357. PMID: 24569623

9. Loomis D., Huang W., Chen G. (2014) The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) evaluation of the carcinogenicity of outdoor air pollution: focus on China Chin J Cancer; 33(4):189-196. PMID: 24694836

10. Seidler A., Harth V., Taeger D., Mohner M., Gawrych K., Bergmann A., Haerting J., Kahmann H.J., Bolt H.M., Straif K., Bruning T. (2014) Dinitrotoluene exposure in the copper mining industry and renal cancer: a case-cohort study Occupational and Environmental Medicine; 71(4):259-265. PMID: 24486554

11. Scoccianti C., Lauby-Secretan B., Bello P.Y., Chajes V., Romieu I. (2014) Female breast cancer and alcohol consumption: a review of the literature Am J Prev Med; 46(3):S16-S25. PMID: 24512927

12. Vlaanderen J., Portengen L., Schuz J., Olsson A., Pesch B., Kendzia B., Stucker I., Guida F., Bruske I., Wichmann H.E., Consonni D., Landi M.T., Caporaso N., Siemiatycki J., Merletti F., Mirabelli D., Richiardi L., Gustavsson P., Plato N., Jockel K.H., Ahrens W., Pohlabeln H., Tardon A., Zaridze D., Field J.K., 't Mannetje A., Pearce N., McLaughlin J., Demers P., Szeszenia-Dabrowska N., Lissowska J., Rudnai P., Fabianova E., Stanescu Dumitru R., Bencko V., Foretova L., Janout V., Boffetta P., Forastiere F., Bueno-de-Mesquita B., Peters S., Bruning T., Kromhout H., Straif K., Vermeulen R. (2014) Effect modification of the association of cumulative exposure and cancer risk by intensity of exposure and time since exposure cessation: a flexible method applied to cigarette smoking and lung cancer in the SYNERGY Study American journal of epidemiology; 179(3):290-298. PMID: 24355332