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Early Detection and Prevention - Prevention and Implementation Group

Recent Publications - 12 most recent publications

1. Arrossi S., Thouyaret L., Laudi R., Marin O., Ramirez J., Paolino M., Herrero R., Campanera A. (2015) Implementation of HPV-testing for cervical cancer screening in programmatic contexts: The Jujuy demonstration project in Argentina Int.J Cancer; 137(7):1709-1718. PMID: 25807897

2. Kreimer A.R., Struyf F., Del Rosario-Raymundo M.R., Hildesheim A., Skinner S.R., Wacholder S., Garland S.M., Herrero R., David M.P., Wheeler C.M. (2015) Efficacy of fewer than three doses of an HPV-16/18 AS04-adjuvanted vaccine: combined analysis of data from the Costa Rica Vaccine and PATRICIA trials Lancet Oncol.; 16(7):775-786. PMID: 26071347

3. Quesada P., Whitby D., Benavente Y., Miley W., Labo N., Chichareon S., Trong N., Shin H.R., Anh P.T., Thomas J., Matos E., Herrero R., Munoz N., Molano M., Franceschi S., de Sanjose S. (2015) Hepatitis C virus seroprevalence in the general female population from 8 countries J Clin.Virol.; 89-93. PMID: 26071344

4. Park M.K., Park J.Y., Nicolas G., Paik H.Y., Kim J., Slimani N. (2015) Adapting a standardised international 24 h dietary recall methodology (GloboDiet software) for research and dietary surveillance in Korea Br.J Nutr.; 113(11):1810-1818. PMID: 25899045

5. Lowy D.R., Herrero R., Hildesheim A., =Participants in the IARC/NCI workshop on Primary Endpoints for Prophylactic HPV Vaccine Trials (2015) Primary endpoints for future prophylactic human papillomavirus vaccine trials: towards infection and immunobridging Lancet Oncol.; 16(5):e226-e233. PMID: 25943067

6. Herrero R., Gonzalez P., Markowitz L.E. (2015) Present status of human papillomavirus vaccine development and implementation Lancet Oncol.; 16(5):e206-e216. PMID: 25943065

7. Gonzalez P., Hildesheim A., Herrero R., Katki H., Wacholder S., Porras C., Safaeian M., Jimenez S., Darragh T.M., Cortes B., Befano B., Schiffman M., Carvajal L., Palefsky J., Schiller J., Ocampo R., Schussler J., Lowy D., Guillen D., Stoler M.H., Quint W., Morales J., Avila C., Rodriguez A.C., Kreimer A.R. (2015) Rationale and design of a long term follow-up study of women who did and did not receive HPV 16/18 vaccination in Guanacaste, Costa Rica Vaccine; 33(18):2141-2151. PMID: 25796338

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9. Arrossi S., Thouyaret L., Herrero R., Campanera A., Magdaleno A., Cuberli M., Barletta P., Laudi R., Orellana L. (2015) Effect of self-collection of HPV DNA offered by community health workers at home visits on uptake of screening for cervical cancer (the EMA study): a population-based cluster-randomised trial Lancet Glob.Health; 3(2):e85-e94. PMID: 25617202

10. Toporcov T.N., Znaor A., Zhang Z.F., Yu G.P., Winn D.M., Wei Q., Vilensky M., Vaughan T., Thomson P., Talamini R., Szeszenia-Dabrowska N., Sturgis E.M., Smith E., Shangina O., Schwartz S.M., Schantz S., Rudnai P., Richiardi L., Ramroth H., Purdue M.P., Olshan A.F., Eluf-Neto J., Muscat J., Moyses R.A., Morgenstern H., Menezes A., McClean M., Matsuo K., Mates D., Macfarlane T.V., Lissowska J., Levi F., Lazarus P., La Vecchia C., Lagiou P., Koifman S., Kjaerheim K., Kelsey K., Holcatova I., Herrero R., Healy C., Hayes R.B., Franceschi S., Fernandez L., Fabianova E., Daudt A.W., Curioni O.A., Maso L.D., Curado M.P., Conway D.I., Chen C., Castellsague X., Canova C., Cadoni G., Brennan P., Boccia S., Antunes J.L., Ahrens W., Agudo A., Boffetta P., Hashibe M., Lee Y.C., Filho V.W. (2015) Risk factors for head and neck cancer in young adults: a pooled analysis in the INHANCE consortium Int.J Epidemiol.; 44(1):169-185. PMID: 25613428

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12. Porras C., Hildesheim A., Gonzalez P., Schiffman M., Rodriguez A.C., Wacholder S., Jimenez S., Quint W., Guillen D., Kreimer A.R., Herrero R. (2015) Performance of self-collected cervical samples in screening for future precancer using human papillomavirus DNA testing Journal of the National Cancer Institute; 107(1):400. PMID: 25479804