Who's Who

Cyrille Cuenin

Resrch Asst (Lab Svcs)

Epigenetics Group

Academic Degrees

1997DIT (annee de specialisation)BiologyIUT, Universite de Nancy-LorraineNancyFrance
1996DUTBiologyIUT, Universite de Nancy-LorraineNancyFrance
1994Baccalaureat serie DBiologyLycee Georges de la tourNancyFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Involvement of INO80 in the Class Switch Recombination of Immunoglobulin in B cells
    Sven Kraker, collaborator from INSERM U768, Hopital Necker, PARIS

  • Methylated enriched library preparation for Epigenetic studies on SOLiD 5500 sequencer
    In collaboration with the Next Generation Sequencing platform, GCS group, IARC

  • Role of Trrap in pluripotency
    Take over EGE former PhD student’s work

Selected Publications

Saulnier A, Vaissičre T, Yue J, Siouda M, Malfroy M, Accardi R, Creveaux M, Sebastian S, Shahzad N, Gheit T, Hussain I, Torrente M, Maffini FA, Calabrese L, Chiesa F, Cuenin C, Shukla R, Fathallah I, Matos E, Daudt A, Koifman S, Wünsch-Filho V, Menezes AM, Curado MP, Zaridze D, Boffetta P, Brennan P, Tommasino M, Herceg Z, Sylla BS. (2012) Inactivation of the putative suppressor gene DOK1 by promoter hypermethylation in primary human cancers. Int J Cancer : 130(11) 2484-94

Mani S, Szymańska K, Cuenin C, Zaridze D, Balassiano K, Lima SC, Matos E, Daudt A, Koifman S, Filho VW, Menezes AM, Curado MP, Ferro G, Vaissičre T, Sylla BS, Tommasino M, Pinto LF, Boffetta P, Hainaut P, Brennan P, Herceg Z. (2012) DNA methylation changes associated with risk factors in tumors of the upper aerodigestive tract. Epigenetics : 7(3) 270-7

Zoldoš V, Horvat T, Novokmet M, Cuenin C, Mužinić A, Pučić M, Huffman JE, Gornik O, Polašek O, Campbell H, Hayward C, Wright AF, Rudan I, Owen K, McCarthy MI, Herceg Z, Lauc G. (2012) Epigenetic silencing of HNF1A associates with changes in the composition of the human plasma N-glycome. Epigenetics : 7(2) 164-72

Scoccianti C, Ricceri F, Ferrari P, Cuenin C, Sacerdote C, Polidoro S, Jenab M, Hainaut P, Vineis P, Herceg Z. (2011) Methylation patterns in sentinel genes in peripheral blood cells of heavy smokers: Influence of cruciferous vegetables in an intervention study. Epigenetics : 6(9) [Epub ahead of print]

Shukla V, Cuenin C, Dubey N, Herceg Z. (2011) Loss of histone acetyltransferase cofactor transformation/transcription domain-associated protein impairs liver regeneration after toxic injury. Hepatology : 53(3) 954-63