Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2005DMScOncologyPetrov Cancer Research InstituteSt. PetersburgRussia
1980PhDOncologyBlokhin Cancer Research CenterMoscowRussia
1976MDGeneral medicineFirst Medical Institute by Pavlov I.PLeningradSoviet Union (Russia)

Current Research Projects

  • microRNA as a new class of cancer biomarkers
    V. Krutovskikh

Selected Publications

Dubina MV, Iaitckii NA, Popov DE, Vasil’ev SV, Krutovskikh VA (2002) Connexin 43, but not connexin 32, is mutated at advanced stages of human sporadic colon cancer Oncogene; 21(32) : 4992-4996

Krutovskikh V., Piccoli C., Yamasaki H (2002) Gap junction intercellular communication propagates cell death in cancerous cells Oncogene; 21 : 1989-1999

Krutovskikh V., Troyanovsky SM., Piccoli C., Tsuda H., Asamoto M. Yamasaki H. (2000) Differential effect of subcellular localization of communication impairing gap junction protein connexin43 on tumor cell growth Oncogene; 19 : 505-513

Krutovskikh V., Mesnil M., Mazzoleni G., Yamasaki H (1995) Inhibition of rat gap junction intercellular communication by tumor promoting agents in vivo; association with aberrant localization of connexin proteins Lab. Investigation ; 72 : 571-577

Krutovskikh V., Mazzoleni G., Mironov N., Omory Y., Aguelon A.M., Mesnil M., Berger F., Partensky C. Yamasaki H (1994) Altered homologous and heterologous gap junctional intercellular communication in primary human liver tumors associated with aberrant protein localization but not gene mutation of connexin 32 Int. J. Cancer ; 56 : 87-94

Scientific Societies Membership

American Association for Cancer Research
Japanese Cancer Association
American Society for Cell Biology