Who's Who

Ausrele Kesminiene

Senior Visiting Scientist

Section of Environment and Radiation

Academic Degrees

1996CertificateRadiation Epidemiology and Statistical MethodsRadiation Effects Research FoundationHiroshimaJapan
1995CertificateRadiation Epidemiology and BiologyRadiation Effects Research Foundation and Hiroshima UniversityHiroshimaJapan
1993Postgraduate diplomaClinical haematologyPostgraduate Institute for Medical Doctors of Vilnius UniversityVilniusLithuania
1978Postgraduate diplomaInternal MedicineKaunas Medical UniversityKaunasLithuania
1977MDDoctor of MedicineDepartment of Medicine, Vilnius UniversityVilniusLithuania

Current Research Projects

  • Epidemiological study to quantify risks for paediatric computerized tomography and to optimise doses (EPI-CT)
    IARC, (Dr Ausrele Kesminiene)

  • Combined Analysis of Mortality among Nuclear Workers
    IARC, (Dr Ausrele Kesminiene)

  • Strategic Agenda for Research on Chernobyl Health (ARCH)
    IARC, (Dr Ausrele Kesminiene)

  • Radiation exposures at an early age: impact of genotype on breast cancer risk (Gene-Rad-Risk)
    IARC, (Dr Elisabeth Cardis and Dr Ausrele Kesminiene)

Selected Publications

Williams D, Kesminiene A., Cardis E, and Baverstock K. (2011) ARCH-Agenda for Research on Chernobyl Health. J Radiol Prot. 31(1) : 151-4

Thierry-Chef,I., Marshall,M., Fix,J.J., Bermann,F., Gilbert,E., Hacker,C., Heinmiller,B., Murray W., Pearce,M.S., Utterback,D., Bernar,J., Deboot,P., Eklof,M., Griciene,B., Holan,K., Hyvonen,H., Kerekes,A., Lee,M.C., Moser,M., Pernicka, F. Cardis,E. (2007) The 15-Country Collaborative Study of Cancer Risk among Radiation Workers in the Nuclear Industry: Study of Errors in Dosimetry. Radiat Res. 167(4) : 380-395

Gilbert, E.S., Thierry-Chef, I., Cardis, E., Fix, J.J., Marshall, M. (2006) External Dose Estimation for Nuclear Worker Studies. Radiat Res. 166(1) : 168-173

Pukkala E, Kesminiene A, Poliakov S, Ryzhov A, Drozdovitch V, Kovgan L, Kyyrönen P, Malakhova IV, Gulak L, Cardis E. (2006) Breast cancer in Belarus and Ukraine after the Chernobyl accident. Int J Cancer 119(3) : 651-8

Cardis A, Kesminiene A, Ivanov V, Malakhova I, Shibata Y, Khrouch V, Drozdovitch V, Maceika E, Zvonova I, Vlasov O, Bouville A, Goulko G, Hoshi M, Abrosimov A, Anoshko YA , Astakhova L, Chekin S, Demidchik E, Galanti R, Ito M, Korobova E, Lushnikov E, Maksiutov, Masyakin V, Nerovnia A, Parshin V, Parshkov E, Piliptsevich N, Pinchera A , Polyakov S, Shabeka N Suonio E, Tenet V, Tsyb A, Yamashita S, Williams D. (2005) Risk of thyroid cancer following 131I exposure in childhood. J Natl Cancer Inst. 97(10) : 724-32

Scientific Societies Membership

International Commission on Radiological Protection, Committee on Medical Radiation (observer)