Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2012Master of Public HealthEpidemiologyISPEDBordeauxFrance
2010CertificateIntroduction to BiostatisticsISPEDBordeauxFrance
2009LicenceInformation TechnologiesCNAMLyonFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Cancer Incidence in 5 Continents

Selected Publications

Antoni S, Soerjomataram I, Moller B, Bray F, Ferlay J (2016). An assessment of GLOBOCAN methods for deriving national estimates of cancer incidence. Bull World Health Organ

Moore SP, Antoni S, Colquhoun A, Forman D, Garvey G, Healy B, Ellison-Loschmann L, Potter JD, Garvey G, Bray F (2015). Cancer incidence in indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA: a comparative population-based study. The Lancer Oncology.

Antoni S, Soerjomataram I, Moore S, Ferlay J, Sitas F, Smith DP, Forman D (2014). The ban on phenacetin is associated with changes in the incidence trends of upper-urinary tract cancers in Australia. Aust N Z J Public Health.

Antoni S, Sasco AJ, dos Santos Silva I, McCormack VA (2013). Is mammographic density differentially associated with breast cancer according to receptor status? A meta-analysis. Breast Cancer Res Treat.