Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2005CertificateRadiation Protection in Interventional CardiologyCentre for quality insurance of technologic applications in medicine (CAATS)ParisFrance
2004CourseRadiation EpidemiologyNational Cancer Institute (NCI)Bethesda, MDUS
2003CertificateEpidemiology and statisticsParis XI UniversityParisFrance
2000PhdRadiation Protection and DosimetryProvence UniversityMarseilleFrance
1996MScEnvironmental SciencesProvence UniversityMarseilleFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Epidemiological study to quantify risks for paediatric computerized tomography and to optimise doses (EPI-CT)
    IARC, (Dr Ausrele Kesminiene)

  • Combined Analysis of Mortality among Nuclear Workers
    IARC, (Dr Isabelle Thierr-Chef)

Selected Publications

Thierry-Chef I, Simon SL, Weinstock RM, Kwon D, Linet MS (2012) Reconstruction of absorbed doses to fibroglandular tissue of the breast of women undergoing mammography (1960 to the present). Radiat. Res 177(1) : 92-108

Miller D.L., Simon S.L., Thierry-Chef I., Land C.E. (2010) Stochastic and Deterministic Risk in Children Undergoing Neurointerventional Procedures AJR 195 (1) W87-8

Thierry-Chef,I., Simon,S.L., Land C.E., Miller,D. (2008) Radiation Dose to the Brain and Subsequent Risk of Developing Brain Tumors in Pediatric Patients undergoing Interventional Neuroradiology Procedures. Radiat. Res. 170(5) : 553-565

Thierry-Chef,I., Marshall,M., Fix,J.J., Bermann,F., Gilbert,E., Hacker,C., Heinmiller,B., Murray W., Pearce,M.S., Utterback,D., Bernar,J., Deboot,P., Eklof,M., Griciene,B., Holan,K., Hyvonen,H., Kerekes,A., Lee,M.C., Moser,M., Pernicka, F. Cardis,E.,(2007) The 15-Country Collaborative Study of Cancer Risk among Radiation Workers in the Nuclear Industry: Study of Errors in Dosimetry. Radiat Res. 167(4) : 380-395

Gilbert, E.S., Thierry-Chef, I., Cardis, E., Fix, J.J., Marshall, M. (2006) External Dose Estimation for Nuclear Worker Studies. Radiat Res. 166(1) : 168-173

Scientific Societies Membership

International Commission on Radiological Protection (observer)
Scientific Committee of Electricité de France