Who's Who

Joannie Tieulent

Postdoctoral Scientist

Infections and Cancer Epidemiology Group

Academic Degrees

2016PhDPublic HealthErasmus UniversityRotterdamThe Netherlands
1998Master 2BiostatisticsUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon ILyonFrance
1997Master 1BiologyUniversity of WaterlooWaterlooCanada

Current Research Projects

  • Thyroid cancer incidence, mortality, and treatment cost

  • Second edition of the IARC publication “Social inequalities and cancer”

  • Social inequalities and cancer between and within countries, in high- and low- and middle-income countries

Selected Publications

Lortet-Tieulent J, Ferlay J, Bray F, Jemal A. (2017) International Patterns and Trends in Endometrial Cancer Incidence, 1978-2013. J Natl Cancer Inst doi:10.1093/jnci/djx214.

Lortet-Tieulent J, Soerjomataram I, Lin CC, Coebergh JWW, Jemal A. (2016) U.S. Burden of Cancer by Race and Ethnicity According to Disability-Adjusted Life Years. Am J Prev Med 51(5): 673-681.

Lortet-Tieulent J, Goding Sauer A, Siegel RL, Miller KD, Islami F, Fedewa SA, Jacobs E, Jemal A. (2016) State-Level Cancer Mortality Attributable to Cigarette Smoking in the United States. JAMA Intern Med 176(12): 1792-1798.

Lortet-Tieulent J, Renteria E, Sharp L, Weiderpass E, Comber H, Baas P, Bray F, Coebergh JWW, Soerjomataram I. (2015) Convergence of decreasing male and increasing female incidence rates in major tobacco-related cancers in Europe in 1988-2010. Eur J Cancer 51(9): 1144-1163.

Lortet-Tieulent J, Soerjomataram I, Ferlay J, Rutherford M, Weiderpass E, Bray F. (2014) International trends in lung cancer incidence by histological subtype: adenocarcinoma stabilizing in men but still increasing in women. Lung Cancer 84(1): 13-22.