Who's Who

Heidi Mattock

Scientific Editor

Communications Group

Academic Degrees

1999PhDMolecular BiologyCRC Cell Transformation Labs, Dept of Biochemistry, University of DundeeDundeeScotland
1994BScBiology & European StudiesUniversity of SussexLewesEngland

Selected Publications

Mattock H, Lane DP, Warbrick E (2001) Inhibition of cell proliferation by the PCNA-binding region of p21 expressed as a GFP-miniprotein. Exp. Cell Res., 265 : 234241

Mattock H, Jares P, Zheleva DI, Lane DP, Warbrick E, Blow JJ (2001) Use of peptides from p21(Waf1/Cip1) to investigate PCNA function in Xenopus egg extracts. Exp. Cell Res., 265 : 242251.

Taberlet P, Mattock H, Dubois-Paganon C, Bouvet J (1993) Sexing free-ranging brown bears Ursus arctus using hairs found in the field. Mol. Ecol., 2 : 399403.