Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2011PhDHuman NutritionWageningen UniversityWageningenThe Netherlands
2004MScNutrition ScienceFederal University of VišosaVišosaBrazil
2001BScNutritionUniversity of Vale do ItajaiItajaiBrazil

Current Research Projects

  • LA-DIETA Latin American Dietary Assessment Project (Post-Doc)
    Slimani N, Crispim SP, Rinaldi S, Romieu I, Sichieri R, Pereira R, Marchioni D, Fisberg R, Rivera J

Selected Publications

Crispim SP; Geelen A; de Vries JH; Freisling H; Souverein OW; Hulshof PJ; Ocke MC; Boshuizen H; Andersen LF; Ruprich J; De Keizer W; Huybrechts I; Lafay L; de Magistris MS; Ricceri F; Tumino R; Krogh V; Bueno-de-Mesquita HB; Beulens JW; Boutron-Ruault MC; Naska A; Crowe FL; Boeing H; McTaggart A; Kaaks R; Van't Veer P; Slimani N. (2012) Bias in protein and potassium intake collected with 24-h recalls (EPIC-Soft) is rather comparable across European populations. European Journal of Nutrition. [Epub ahead of print] : 1-14

Crispim SP; Geelen A; Souverein OW; Hulshof PJ; Ruprich J; Dofkova M; Huybrechts I; De Keyzer W; Lillegaard IT; Andersen LF; Lafay L; Rousseau AS; OckÚ MC; Slimani N; van 't Veer P; de Vries JH; EFCOVAL Consortium. (2011) Biomarker-based evaluation of two 24-h recalls for comparing usual fish, fruit and vegetable intakes across European centers in the EFCOVAL Study. European Journal Clinical Nutrition, 65 : S38-47

Crispim, S.P.; Vries, J.H.M. de; Geelen, A.; Souverein, O.W.; Hulshof, P.J.M.; Lafay, L.; Rousseau, A.S.; Lillegaard, I.T.L.; Andersen, L.F.; Huybrechts, I.; Keyzer, W. de; Ruprich, J.; Dofkova, M.; OckÚ, M.C.; Boer, E. de; Slimani, N.; Veer, P. van t (2011) Two non-consecutive 24-h recalls using EPIC-Soft software are sufficiently valid for comparing protein and potassium intake between five European centers ľ Results from the European Food Consumption Validation (EFCOVAL) study. British Journal of Nutrition, 105 : 447-458

Crispim, S.P.; Geelen, A.; Le Donne, C.; Vries, J.H.M. de; Sette, S.; Raffo, A.; Siebelink, E.; Ocke, M.C.; Veer, P. van t; Leclercq, C.. (2010) Dietary exposure to flavouring substances: from screening methods to detailed assessments using food consumption data collected with EPIC-Soft software. Food Additives and Contaminant, 27(4) : 433-446.

Crispim; SP; Ribeiro; RLC; Silva; MMS; Rosado; LEP; Rosado; GP. (2007) Educational influence in the relative validation of a food frequency questionnaire; Vicosa; Minas Gerais; Brazil.. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition; England, 60(11) : 1311-1316

Scientific Societies Membership

Latin American Nutrition Society (SLAN)
Nutrition Society (NS)