Who's Who

Isabelle Deltour


Section of Environment and Radiation


Radiation Epidemiologist

Academic Degrees

1999PhDBiostatistics- Public HealthUniversité Paris XIParisFrance
1997DegreeBiomedical trainingUniversité Paris XIParisFrance
1994Master degreePublic Health, BiostatisticsUniversité Paris XIParisFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Cancer risk in adulthood following in utero exposure to ionising radiation in the Southern Urals populations
    Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz

  • A prospective cohort study of mobile phone users and health: Cosmos – feasibility in France
    Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz

  • Loud noise and Acoustic Neuromas
    Isabelle Deltour, Joachim Schüz, Ausrele Kesminiene

  • Descriptive epidemiology of gliomas in Nordic countries
    Isabelle Deltour, Hiroko Ohgaki, Joachim Schüz,

Selected Publications

Deltour I, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Johansen C, Klaeboe L, Sankila R, Schüz J (2012) Mobile Phone Use and Incidence of Glioma in the Nordic Countries 1979-2008: Consistency Check Epidemiology 23(2) : 301-307

Deltour I, Wiart J, Taki M, Wake K, Varsier N, Mann S, Schüz J, Cardis E (2011) Analysis of 3-dimensional SAR distributions emitted by mobile phones in an epidemiological perspective Bioelectromagnetics 32(8) : 634-43

Cardis E, Varsier N, Bowman JD, Deltour I, Figuerola J, Mann S, Moissonnier M, Taki M, Vecchia P., Villegas R, Vrijheid M., Wake K, Wiart J (2011) Estimation of RF energy absorbed in the brain from mobile phones in the Interphone study Occup Environ Med 68(9) : 686-93

Hĝybye MT, Oksbjerg Dalton S, Deltour I, Envold Bidstrup P, Frederiksen K, Johansen C, (2010) Effect of Internet peer-support groups on psychosocial adjustment to cancer. A randomized study. Br J Cancer. 102(9) : 1348-54

Deltour I, Johansen C, Auvinen A, Feychting M, Klaeboe L, Schüz J. (2009) Time trends in brain tumor incidence rates in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, 1974-2003 J Natl Cancer Inst. 101(24) : 1721-4.

Scientific Societies Membership

Bioelectromagnetic Society