Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2011PhDEpidemiologyIRAS - University UtrechtUtrechtThe Netherlands
2005MscPharmaceutical sciencesUniversity UtrechtUtrechtThe Netherlands
2005MScToxicology & Environmental HealthIRAS - University UtrechtUtrechtThe Netherlands

Current Research Projects

  • Pooled analysis of European Rubber Cohorts
    J Vlaanderen, K Straif, H Kromhout, R Vermeulen, F de Vocht, F Merletti, D Mirabelli, K Jakobsson, Z Mikocy, N Szeszenia-Dąbrowska, D Taeger, J Wellmann, K Berger, J Schuz, IARC (Coordinator)

  • Impact of ten years added follow-up on mortality ratios in a german rubber industry cohort
    J Vlaanderen, D Taeger, J Wellman, K Berger, J Schüz, K Straif

  • Intensity of tobacco smoking and time since cessation and the excess risk of lung cancer due to total tobacco smoke
    J Vlaanderen, L Portengen, K Straif, J Schüz, R Vermeulen, SYNERGY collaborators

  • Nested case-control study of occupational exposure to Tri- and Tetrachloroethylene and the risk of NHL and cancers of the liver and kidney
    J Vlaanderen, K Straif, E Pukkala, P Kyyronen, JI Martisen, K Kjaerheim, E Lynge, P Sparen, E Weiderpass

Selected Publications

J Vlaanderen, L Portengen, SM Rappaport, DC Glass, H Kromhout, R Vermeulen (2011) The Impact of Saturable Metabolism on Exposure Response Relations in Two Studies of Benzene Induced Leukemia Am J Ind Med. : 174(5):621-9

J Vlaanderen J, Q Lan, H Kromhout, N Rothman, R Vermeulen (2011) Occupational benzene exposure and the risk of lymphoma subtypes: a meta-analysis of cohort studies incorporating three study quality dimensions Environ Health Perspect. : 119(2):159-67

J Vlaanderen J, L Portengen, N Rothman, Q Lan, H Kromhout, R Vermeulen (2010) Flexible meta-regression to assess the shape of the benzene-leukemia exposure-response curve Environ Health Perspect. : 118(4):526-32

J Vlaanderen, LE Moore, MT Smith, Q Lan, L Zhang, CF Skibola, N Rothman, R Vermeulen (2009) Application of OMICS technologies in occupational and environmental health research; current status and projections Occup Environ Med. 67(2):136-43

J Vlaanderen, R Vermeulen, D Heederik, H Kromhout; ECNIS Integrated Risk Assessment Group, European Union Network Of Excellence. (2008) Guidelines to evaluate human observational studies for quantitative risk assessment. Environ Health Perspect. : 116(12):1700-5