Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2009PhDMolecular BiologyUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMexico CityMexico
2003Biological ChemistryBiochemistryUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoMexico CityMexico

Current Research Projects

  • Diagnostic non invasif des mutations somatiques tumorales à partir d’ADN tumoral circulant : projet pilote ancillaire de la cohorte IFCT-1002.
    Felipe Vaca Paniagua, Magali Olivier, Sébastien Couraud, Stéphanie Villar

  • Genomic analysis of somatic mutations in the whole coding sequence of triple negative breast cancer in Mexican women.
    Felipe Vaca Paniagua, Magali Olivier

Selected Publications

Parra-Unda R, Vaca-Paniagua F, Jiménez L, Landa A. (2012) Cu,Zn superoxide dismutase: cloning and analysis of the Taenia solium gene and Taenia crassiceps cDNA. Experimental Parasitolology 130 : 32-8.

Fragoso-Ontiveros V, María Alvarez-García R, Contreras-Paredes A, Vaca-Paniagua F, Alonso Herrera L, López-Camarillo C, Jacobo-Herrera N, Lizano-Soberón M, Pérez-Plasencia C. (2012) Gene expression profiles induced by E6 from non-European HPV18 variants reveals a differential activation on cellular processes driving to carcinogenesis. Virology 432(1):81-90.

Vaca-Paniagua F, Alvarez-Gomez RM, Fragoso-Ontiveros V, Vidal-Millan S, Herrera LA, Cantu D, Bargallo-Rocha E, Mohar A, Perez-Plasencia P (2012) Full-exon Pyrosequencing screening of BRCA germline mutations in Mexican women with inherited breast and ovarian cancer. PLoS One 2012;7(5):e37432

Vaca-Paniagua F, Parra-Unda R, Landa A. (2009) Characterization of one typical 2-Cys Peroxiredoxin gene of Taenia solium and Taenia crassiceps. Parasitology Research 105 : 781-7.

Vaca-Paniagua F, Torres-Rivera A, Parra-Unda R, Landa A. (2008) Taenia solium: Antioxidant metabolism enzymes as targets for antihelminthic inhibitors and vaccines. Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 8: 393-99.