Who's Who

Academic Degrees

1986MScPHEpidemiologyUniversity of AlabamaBirminghamUSA
1985CESEpidemiologyUniversity Paris-SudParisFrance
1982CESEpidemiologyUniversité Claude Bernard Lyon ILyonFrance
1975MDMedicineUniversity of Grenoble, FranceGrenobleFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Promoting data quality in cancer registration in Uruguay

  • Social Unequalities in prevention for cancer of cervix in Uruguay
    E. Barrios, G. Rodriguez, R. Alonso, M. Garau, C. Museo, H. Sancho-Garnier,JM Lutz

  • Quality control in coding histopathology for testis cancer in Uruguay
    E. Barrios, M. Garau, JM Lutz

Selected Publications

Sant M, Allemani C, Tereanu C, De Angelis R, Capocaccia R, Visser O, Marcos-Gragera R, Maynadié M, Simonetti A, Lutz JM, Berrino F; and the HAEMACARE Working Group. (2010) Incidence of hematologic malignancies in Europe by morphologic subtype: results of the HAEMACARE project. Blood. 2010 Nov 11;116(19): 3724-34.

Coleman MP, Quaresma M, Berrino F, Lutz JM, De Angelis R, Capocaccia R, Baili P, Rachet B, Gatta G, Hakulinen T, Micheli A, Sant M, Weir HK, Elwood JM, Tsukuma H, Koifman S, E Silva GA, Francisci S, Santaquilani M, Verdecchia A, Storm HH, Young JL; CONCORD Working Group.. (2008) Cancer survival in five continents: a worldwide population-based study (CONCORD). Lancet Oncol. 2008 Aug;9(8): 730-56

Fisch T., Pury P., Probst N., Bordoni A., Bouchardy C, Frick H., Jundt G., De Weck D., Perret E., Lutz JM (2005) Variation in survival after diagnosis of breast cancer in Switzerland. Ann Oncol. Dec;16(12): 1882-8.

Lutz JM, Cree I, Sabroe S, Kvist TK, Clausen LB, Alfonso N, Ahrens W, Ballard T, Bell J, Cyr D, Eriksson M, Fevotte J, Guénel P, Hardell L, Jöckel KH, Miranda A, Merletti F, Morales-Suarez-Varela M, Stengrevics A, Lynge E (2005) Occupational risk for eye melanoma, results from a case-control study in nine European countries. Cancer Causes and Control, 16(4) : 437-47

Bullard J., Coleman M.P., Robinson D., Lutz JM., Bell J., Peto J. : (2000) Completeness of cancer registration: a new method for routine use. Br. J. of Cancer ; 85 (5) : 111-116

Scientific Societies Membership

Member of scientific committees in several cancer registries and programs (e.g. EUROCARE, CONCORD…)