Who's Who

Academic Degrees

2010PhDSociologyUniversity HamburgHamburgGermany
2006MASociologyUniversity BonnBonnGermany

Selected Publications

Grosse Frie K, van der Meulen J, Black N. (2012) Relationship between patientsí reports of post-operative complications and of the impact of surgery on symptoms, disability and quality of life British Journal of Surgery. in Press

Grosse Frie K, van der Meulen J, Black N. (2012) Single item on patients' satisfaction with condition provided additional insight into impact of surgery J Clin Epidemiol in press

Klein J, Grosse Frie K, Blum K, von dem Knesebeck O. (2011) Psychosocial stress at work and perceived quality of care among clinicians in surgery. BMC Health Serv Res.11 : 109

Grosse Frie K, Eikemo TA, von dem Knesebeck O. (2010) Education and self-reported health care seeking behaviour in European welfare regimes: results from the European Social Survey. Int J Public Health. 55(3) : 217-220.

Grosse Frie K, Janssen C. (2009) Social inequality, lifestyles and health - a non-linear canonical correlation analysis based on the approach of Pierre Bourdieu. Int J Public Health.54(4) : 213-221