Who's Who

Academic Degrees

1997Doctor in medicineMedicineUniversidad Nacional de ColombiaBogotaColombia

Current Research Projects

  • Multicentric study of cervical cancer screening and triage with Human papillomavirus testing (ESTAMPA)
    Study coordinated by EDP/PRI IARC

  • A phase iii randomized trial of three antibiotic regimens to eradicate helicobacter pylori
    Study coordinated by SOUTHWEST ONCOLOGY GROUP

  • Viral and host genetic factors and their association with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade 3 (CIN3) and cervical cancer (Ca)
    P Gonzalez, A Hildesheim, S Wang, R Herrero, AC Rodriguez, M Schiffman, S Wacholder, M Safaeian, R Burk

  • Long term follow-up of women vaccinated and unvaccinated against HPV in Costa Rica
    P Gonzalez, R Herrero, A Hildesheim, S Jiménez, H Katki, A Kreimer, C Porras, AC Rodríguez, S Wacholder for the Costa Rican vaccine Trial Group.

Selected Publications

Safaeian M, Hildesheim A, Gonzalez P, Yu K, Porras C, Li Q, Rodriguez AC, Sherman ME, Schiffman M, Wacholder S, Burk R, Herrero R, Burdette L, Chanock SJ, Wang SS. (2012) Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in the PRDX3 and RPS19 and Risk of HPV Persistence and Cervical Precancer/Cancer. PLoS One : e33619

Kreimer AR, Schiffman M, Herrero R, Hildesheim A, González P, Burk RD, Porras C, Sherman ME, Demuth F, Cheung L, Bratti C, Rodríguez AC. (2011) Long-term risk of recurrent cervical HPV infection and precancer and cancer following excisional treatment. Int J Cancer : 211-218

Kreimer AR, González P, Katki HA, Porras C, Schiffman M, Rodriguez AC, Solomon D, Jiménez S, Schiller JT, Lowy DR, van Doorn LJ, Struijk L, Quint W, Chen S, Wacholder S, Hildesheim A, Herrero R; CVT Vaccine Group. (2011) Efficacy of a bivalent HPV 16/18 vaccine against anal HPV 16/18 infection among young women: a nested analysis within the Costa Rica Vaccine Trial. Lancet Oncol : 862-70

Kreimer AR, Rodriguez AC, Hildesheim A, Herrero R, Porras C, Schiffman M, González P, Solomon D, Jiménez S, Schiller JT, Lowy DR, Quint W, Sherman ME, Schussler J, Wacholder S; CVT Vaccine Group. (2011) Proof-of-principle evaluation of the efficacy of fewer than three doses of a bivalent HPV16/18 vaccine. J Natl Cancer Inst : 1444-51

González P, Hildesheim A, Rodríguez AC, Schiffman M, Porras C, Wacholder S, Piñeres AG, Pinto LA, Burk RD, Herrero R. (2010) Behavioral/lifestyle and immunologic factors associated with HPV infection among women older than 45 years. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev : 3044-54

Scientific Societies Membership

Colegio de médicos y cirujanos de costa rica
International Human Papillomavirus Society