Who's Who

Srikant Ambatipudi

Visiting Scientist

Epigenetics Group


Cancer genomics and transcriptomics

Academic Degrees

2011PhDApplied BiologyAdvanced Centre for Treatment, Research and Education in Cancer (ACTREC), Tata Memorial Centre, University of MumbaiNavi MumbaiIndia
2004MScBio-technologyDepartment of Studies in Biotechnology, University of MysoreMysoreIndia
2002BScChemistry, Bio-chemistry, BotanySt.Francis de Sales College, Nagpur UniversityNagpurIndia

Current Research Projects

  • Epigenetic regulation of inflmmatory cytokine release from non-parenchymal cells of liver.
    Ambatipudi S, Hector-Harnandez Vargas and Zdenko herceg

Selected Publications

Ambatipudi S, Gerstung M, Pandey M, Samant T, Patil A, Kane S, Desai RS, Schäffer AA, Beerenwinkel N, Mahimkar MB. (2012) Genome-wide expression and copy number analysis identifies driver genes in gingivobuccal cancers. Genes, Chromsomes and Cancer. ; 51(2) : 161-73

Ambatipudi S, Gerstung M, Gowda R, Pai P, Borges AM, Schäffer AA, Beerenwinkel N, Mahimkar MB. (2011) Genomic profiling of advanced-stage oral cancers reveals chromosome 11q alterations as markers of poor clinical outcome. PLoS One 28;6(2):e17250

Prizes, Honours

Junior Research and Senior Research Fellowship during the period 2004- 2009 from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India, India
Gold medal from the University of Mysore, INDIA for securing highest marks in M.Sc Bio-technology