Who's Who

Michael Korenjak

Scientist-Molecular Biologist

Molecular Mechanisms and Biomarkers Group


Molecular Biology

Academic Degrees

2007PhDMolecular BiologyUniversity of Munich (LMU)MunichGermany
2002MScMicrobiologyUniversity of InnsbruckInnsbruckAustria

Current Research Projects

  • Analysis of the mutual relationship between carcinogen-exposure and chromatin structure

  • In vitro models of carcinogen exposure

Selected Publications

Miles WO, Korenjak M, Griffiths LM, Dyer MA, Provero P, Dyson NJ. (2014) Post-transcriptional regulation by NANOS is up-regulated and functionally significant in pRb deficient cells. EMBO J; 33(19):2201-15.

Korenjak M, Kwon EJ, Morris RT, Anderssen E, Amzallag A, Ramaswamy S, Dyson NJ. (2014) dREAM co-operates with insulator-binding proteins and regulates expression at divergently paired genes. Nucleic Acids Res; 42(14):8939-53.

Nicolay BN, Gameiro PA, Tschöp K, Korenjak M, Heilmann AM, Asara JM, Stephanopoulos G, Iliopoulos O, Dyson NJ. (2013) Loss of RBF1 changes glutamine catabolism. Genes Dev; 27(2):182-96.

Korenjak M, Anderssen E, Ramaswamy S, Whetstine JR, Dyson NJ. (2012) RBF binding to botch canonical E2F targets and noncanonical targets depends on functional dE2F/dDP complexes. Mol Cell Biol; 32(21):4375-87.

Schmit F*, Korenjak M*, Mannefeld M, Schmitt K, Franke C, von Eyss B, Gagrica S, Hänel F, Brehm A, Gaubatz S. (2007) LINC, a human complex that is related to pRB-containing complexes in invertebrates regulates the expression of G2/M genes. Cell Cycle; 6(15):1903-13.