Who's Who

Florence Guida

Postdoctoral Scientist

Genetic Epidemiology Group


Molecular Epidemiology

Academic Degrees

2012PhDPublic Health -EpidemiologyUniversity Paris-Sud 11ParisFrance
2008MScEnvironment and Public HealthUniversity Paris DescartesParisFrance
2008DoctoratePharmacyUniversity Montpellier IMontpellierFrance

Current Research Projects

  • Biomarkers of lung cancer risk
    Paul Brennan, Mattias Johansson, Peng Li

  • A comprehensive investigation into the metabolic pathways of renal cell carcinoma (RCC) – the MetKid project.
    Mattias Johansson

Selected Publications

Baglietto L, Ponzi L, Haycock P, Hodge A, Assumma MB, Jung C, et al. DNA methylation changes measured in pre-diagnostic peripheral blood samples are associated with smoking and lung cancer risk. (2016 in press) Int J Cancer

Castagné R, Delpierre C, Kelly-Irving M, Campanella G, Guida F, Krogh V. A life course approach to explore the biological embedding of socioeconomic position and social mobility through circulating inflammatory markers. (2016) Sci Rep. 6:25170

Guida F*, Sandanger TM*, Campanella G*, Polidoro S, Castagné R, Palli D, et al. Genome-Wide Methylation Identifies Reversible and Irreversible Changes After Smoking Cessation. (2015) Hum Mol Genet. 24(8):2349-59

Fasanelli F*, Baglietto L*, Ponzi E, Guida F, Campanella G, Johansson M, et al. P. Hypomethylation of smoking-related genes is associated with future lung cancer in four prospective cohorts. (2015) Nat Commun. 6:10192

Guida F, Paget-Bailly S, Lamkarkach F, Gaye O, Ducamp S., Menvielle G. Risk of lung cancer associated with occupational exposure to mineral wools: Updating knowledge from a French population-based case-control study, the ICARE study. (2013) J Occup Environ Med. 55(7):786-95