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2015; 58 pages
ISBN (PDF): 978-92-832-0438-1
ISBN (PDF, espagnol): 978-92-832-0439-8
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Planification et développement des registres du cancer basés sur la population dans les pays à revenu faible et intermédiaire

Publications techniques du CIRC N° 43
Auteurs: F. Bray, A. Znaor, P. Cueva, A. Korir, R. Swaminathan, A. Ullrich, S.A. Wang et D.M. Parkin

This guidance document provides an overview of the key concepts in cancer registration, covering the steps involved in planning a registry, the sources of information a registry will need to access, methods for ensuring data quality, and how registry results should be reported. It will be of value to those who are seeking to establish a registry or are in the early stages of developing a registry. It covers the major components that need to be thought about when setting up a registry and ensuring that it provides the necessary information for its main stakeholders -especially those involved in cancer control planning.

1990; 99 pages
ISBN 978-92-832-1418-2

La genèse du Centre international de Recherche sur le Cancer

Rapport Technique du CIRC No. 6
Auteurs: R. Sohier et A.G.B. Sutherland