San Pietro in Bevagna - General Information


San Pietro in Bevagna is located in the “Salentina” peninsula, Puglia, in South Italy and lies on the coast of the Gulf of Taranto in the Ionic Sea. It is 10 km from Manduria and 50 km from the capital of the province, Taranto. San Pietro is well known for its long white sandy beaches and deep blue sea and with its Mediterranean climate, has an average temperature of 25°C in June.

San Pietro in Bevagna is close to Manduria, a town with 32 800 inhabitants. Manduria is an attractive ancient town whose roots lie deep in the past. Many civilisations, including the Greeks and the Byzantines, have left their mark in this area. Remarkably, the walls of the town in megalithic stones and the necropolis, which dates from approximately the VII century BCE, are still partially conserved. Manduria is also very famous for a particular wine, Primitivo di Manduria, that is rich in flavour and alcoholic content.

In addition, many very interesting and beautiful towns and cities are situated near the meeting venue, including Lecce, which is well known for its baroque art; Ostuni, also called the White City; Martina Franca; and Alberobello, which is famous for its unique trulli constructions.

San Pietro in Bevagna, sandy beach. Puglia - Palm trees Manduria

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