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Integrative Molecular Cancer Epidemiology
3-5 July 2008
International Congress Center of Lyon
Lyon, France
Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to attend the international conference on Integrative Molecular Cancer Epidemiology which will be organized in Lyon, France, on 3rd-5th July 2008, immediately before the 20th meeting of EACR (EACR20), scheduled to take place in Lyon on 5th-8th July 2008

The conference will be a joint initiative of IARC, AACR and EACR, in partnership with the EC-sponsored Network of Excellence on Cancer, Environment, Nutrition, and Individual Susceptibility (ECNIS, www.ecnis.org).

The conference aims to represent a forum for young and established investigators to present their work and to review the most promising areas of future development of the discipline.

The conference will focus on aetiologic and mechanistic aspects of molecular and genetic cancer epidemiology research. Sessions on clinical applications of molecular epidemiology will be included in the main EACR meeting, to promote cross-participation between the two events.

Target participants include epidemiologists, geneticists, biochemical and molecular biologists, pharmacologists, pathologists and researchers who are interested in the field. Efforts will be made to attract also clinicians. It is expected that a sizeable number of participants will also attend the EACR meeting.

We look forward to welcoming you in Lyon!

Organizing Committee

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