IARC Postdoctoral Opportunities – Section of Environment and Radiation

25/09/2017 A postdoctoral or Visiting Scientist opportunity is available within the Section of Environment and Radiation. Within the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium (CLIC), the incumbent would contribute to the research program by conducting a pooled analysis of case-control studies on parental exposure to electromagnetic fields and the risk of childhood leukemia in the offspring. Read more

World Cancer Research Day 2017

22/09/2017 The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is proud to announce its participation in World Cancer Research Day, a global campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cancer research and the extraordinary contributions of cancer researchers, designating 24 September 2017 as World Cancer Research Day. Read more, View photo

April Fritz

19/09/2017 The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) is saddened by the passing of April Fritz, a long-time IARC collaborator, who died of cancer on Tuesday 12 September 2017. Read more

Late effects of childhood cancer

08/09/2017 Survival after childhood cancer has substantially improved over the past several decades, but this improvement has come at a cost. A recent study by Dr Nickhill Bhakta and colleagues estimates that by age 50 years, nearly all survivors of childhood cancer will experience a chronic health condition that is severe or disabling, life-threatening, or fatal. In a Comment published today in The Lancet, Dr Miranda Fidler, a postdoctoral fellow at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), stresses the importance of such comprehensive assessments of chronic health conditions among survivors of childhood cancer, in order to better address their complex health-care needs.

Fidler MM, Hawkins MM
Childhood cancer: the long-term costs of cure
The Lancet, Published online 8 September 2017;
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WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues

07/09/2017 The WHO Classification of Tumours of Haematopoietic and Lymphoid Tissues is a Revised 4th Edition Volume of the WHO series on histological and genetic typing of human tumours. This authoritative, concise reference book provides an international standard for oncologists and pathologists and will serve as an indispensable guide for use in the design of studies monitoring response to therapy and clinical outcome.

This classification, prepared by 132 authors from 23 countries, contains about 1300 colour images and tables, and more than 4500 references.
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