World Cancer Report

World Cancer Report 2014

Edited by Bernard W. Stewart and Christopher P. Wild

ISBN 978-92-832-0429-9


A new feature of World Cancer Report 2014 that distinguishes it from previous editions is the inclusion of a series of "Perspectives" chapters written by those whose record of outstanding achievement qualifies them as individuals having unique vision.

Such prominent investigators were invited to provide a personal viewpoint about future directions for cancer research. The perspectives offered are both distinctive and challenging, and serve to indicate the variety of issues immediately relevant to cancer control that either remain as challenges for further research or have yet to achieve their full potential by comprehensive implementation.

The authors and topics of the seven Perspectives chapters included in World Cancer Report 2014 are:

Elizabeth H. Blackburn - Reconciling stress and cancer: insights from telomeres

Cesar G. Victora - Early-life exposures, birth cohorts, and noncommunicable diseases (with special reference to cancer)

Harald zur Hausen - Prenatal infections with subsequent immune tolerance could explain the epidemiology of common childhood cancers

Mel Greaves - An evolutionary foundation for cancer control

Walter C. Willett - Diet, nutrition, and cancer: where next for public health?

Barnett S. Kramer - Controversies in cancer screening and their resolution: a view from the United States "battleground"

Richard Peto - The full hazards of smoking and the benefits of stopping: cancer mortality and overall mortality

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