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Cancer Epidemiology

2014; 1436 pages
ISBN 978-92-832-2165-4

Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Vol. X

IARC Scientific Publications No. 164

Edited by D. Forman, F. Bray, D.H. Brewster, C. Gombe Mbalawa, B. Kohler, M. Piñeros, E. Steliarova-Foucher, R. Swaminathan and J. Ferlay
The main objective of the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5) series, published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR), is to present comparable data on cancer incidence for all countries around the world for which high-quality data have been made available by population-based cancer registries. This new volume of CI5 (Volume X) provides information about cancers diagnosed during the period from 2003 to 2007.

2011; 305 pages
ISBN 978-92-832-2162-3

Cancer Survival in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America

Edited by R. Sankaranarayanan, R. Swaminathan, E. Lucas
The Agency presents here the second volume in the series, which includes wider geographical coverage and is based on data from 27 registries in 14 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America. The calendar period of registration of incident cases for the present study ranges between 1990 and 2001. Data on 564 606 cases of 1–56 cancer sites from different registries are reported. Data from eleven registries were utilized for eliciting survival trend and seventeen registries for reporting survival by clinical extent of disease. Besides chapters on every registry and general chapters on methodology, database and overview, the availability of online comparative statistics on cancer survival data by participating registries or cancer site in the form of tables or graphs is an added feature.

2008; 272 pages
ISBN 978 92 832 2159 3

Atlas of Cancer Mortality in the European Union and the European Economic Area 1993-1997

IARC Scientific Publication No. 159 Edited by P. Boyle and M. Smans
This atlas is the result of the collaboration of a Scientific Committee and the National Vital Statistics Offices in each of the 28 countries covered. The five years covered by the atlas (1993-1997) provide mortality rates based on 5.5 million cancer death, representing the cancer experience in a population with 2.2 billion person-years of risk. The aim of this publication is not only to present cancer patterns in Europe but also to stimulate further studies on cancer epidemiology and generate hypotheses for analytical epidemiological studies.

2007; 897 pages
ISBN 92 832 2160 9

Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Vol. IX

IARC Scientific Publication No. 160
Edited by M. P. Curado, B. Edwards, H. R. Shin, H. Storm, J. Ferlay, M. Heanue and P. Boyle. The ninth volume in the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents series presents incidence data from populations all over the world for which good quality data are available. Scanning through the information gives a clear presentation of the changing cancer patterns worldwide. This volume has a wider coverage than before presenting data from around the year 2000 (ideally the period 1998-2002) not only for entire populations but also for sub-populations living in the same geographic area.

2003; 782 pages
ISBN 92 832 2155 9

Cancer Incidence in Five Continents Vol. VIII

IARC Scientific Publication No. 155
Edited by D.M. Parkin, S.L. Whelan, J. Ferlay, L. Teppo and D.B. Thomas The eighth volume in the Cancer Incidence in Five Continents series presents comprehensive data on cancer incidence for over 200 populations worldwide. The time-period covered is 1993-97, making available information on patterns and trends of cancer for over 40 years for the older established cancer registries. The book follows the traditional format, with background chapters and descriptions of the areas and populations presented, as well as data on incidence by site and by histological type.

2003; 416 pages
ISBN 92 832 2153 2

Cancer in Africa

IARC Scientific Publication No. 153 Edited by D.M. Parkin, J. Ferlay, M. Hamdi-Chérif, F. Sitas, J.O. Thomas, H. Wabinga, S.L. Whelan

Cancer in Africa includes a description of all cancer registration activity ongoing in Africa today, as well as in the past. Background material, cancer profiles and a review of the published literature are provided for every country in Africa. There is a comprehensive review of the epidemiology and prevention of 20 major cancers of importance on the African continent, togetherwith chapters on cancer in children, and cancers related to AIDS.

1997;412 pages
ISBN 92 832 2138 9

Social Inequalities and Cancer

IARC Scientific Publication No. 138

Edited by M. Kogevinas, N. Pearce, M. Susser and P. Boffetta In both industrialized and less-developed societies, cancer incidence and survival are related to socioeconomic factors. This fascinating volume, the first to examine the magnitude of these socioeconomic differences in relation to cancer, provides vital information for all those interested in public health. Nineteen authored chapters are presented in four sections: general considerations; evidence of social inequalities in cancer; explanations for social inequalities in cancer; and socioeconomic.

1991; 296 pages
ISBN 92 832 1195 2

Cancer Registration: Principles and Methods

IARC Scientific Publication No. 95 Edited by O.M. Jensen, D.M. Parkin, R. MacLennan, C.S. Muir and R.G. Skeet Data obtained by population-based cancer registries have a pivotal role in cancer control. This volume, which contains 15 authored chapters and four useful appendices, remains a standard reference for those planning to establish new cancer registries and those keen to adopt recognized methodologies. Information is given on the techniques required to collect, store, analyse and interpret data.

1999; 425 pages
ISBN 92 832 0405 0

Cancer Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

IARC Nonserial Publication Edited by I. Dos Santos Silva This textbook gives a basic introduction to cancer epidemiology.
Chapters include: Describing and presenting data, Measures of occurrence of disease and of other health-related events, Overview of study designs, Evaluating the role of chance, Intervention trials, Cohort studies, Case-control studies, Cross-sectional surveys,
Routine data-based studies, Introduction to survival analysis, Interpretation of epidemiological studies, How to deal with confounding, Size of a study, Cancer control and prevention, The role of cancer registries, and Planning and conducting epidemiological studies.

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