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Cancer Prevention

Cancer Screening Manuals and Guidelines

2002; 575 pages
ISBN 978-92-832-2156-2

Nutrition and Lifestyle: Opportunities for Cancer Prevention

Edited by E. Riboli and R. Lambert
The search for the links between diet, nutritional and metabolic factors and cancer aetiology is an area of research which, over the past two decades, has attracted increasing attention both from a scientific and a public health point of view. In this context, the Europe Against Cancer Program has supported the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC), a study involving about half a million volunteers in 10 European countries. This book, derived from the European Conference on Nutrition and Cancer (IARC, Lyon 2001, with the support by the Directorate General for Public Health and Consumer Protection of the EU), gives an update of recent scientific developments in the field. It examines the relationship between nutrition and cancer with a multidisciplinary and multifactorial approach encompassing nutritional research, endocrinology, carcinogenesis, molecular biology and genetics.

2001; 304 pages
ISBN 978-92-832-2154-8

Biomarkers in Cancer Chemoprevention

Edited by A.B. Miller, H. Bartsch, P. Boffetta, L. Dragsted and H. Vainio
The evaluation of potential cancer chemopreventive agents require large, long-term, randomized trials in humans. Biomarkers that would allow the identification of subjects exposed to carcinogenic agents or of individuals genetically susceptible to cancer would be of great value.
This volume is the product of an attempt to assess our current knowledge and experience with the use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention. It comprises an expert report on the current state of the art on use of biomarkers in cancer chemoprevention, introductory sections covering general topics in cancer chemoprevention, and contributions directed to biomarkers of exposure, intermediate effect and susceptibility relating to six major cancer sites: skin, colorectum, breast, prostate, liver and upper aerodigestive tract.

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