Research Groups

Nutrition and Metabolism - Biomarkers Group

Current Research Topics:

1. Discovery of novel biomarkers of exposure for dietary, environmental, and metabolic cancer risk factors

- Identify and validate novel biomarkers of exposure for foods (coffee, meats, fruit and vegetables, alcoholic beverages), food constituents (dietary fibres, polyphenols), food contaminants (endocrine disrupters), and metabolism (obesity) through untargeted metabolomic approaches.

- Develop novel analytical methods to measure specific biomarkers (diet, hormones, endocrine disrupters) in large epidemiological studies.

- Develop a knowledge database on biomarkers of exposure for cancer risk factors (diet, food constituents, food and water contaminants, endocrine disrupters) that can be used to select the most appropriate biomarkers according to their field of application and state of validation.

2. Identification of risk factors for cancer and intermediate end-points through biomarker approaches

- Measure the exposome through various analytical methodologies using untargeted and targeted metabolomic approaches in large epidemiological and/or intervention studies established in high- and low-income countries.

- Identify dietary, environmental, and metabolic factors associated with different cancer outcomes (with a special focus on cancers of the breast, thyroid, colorectum, skin, and prostate) and intermediate end-points (obesity, metabolic syndrome, mammographic density).

- Identify the main determinants of concentrations of biomarkers for environmental and metabolic exposures.