Research Groups

Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis - Epigenetics Group


The broad long-term goal of our research activities is to advance understanding of epigenetic changes in human cancer and to provide critical information for the development of novel epigenetics-based strategies for cancer prevention. The main objectives of the EGE Group are (i) to elucidate the role of epigenetic changes in human cancer, (ii) to investigate epigenetic changes for the mechanistic understanding of cancer development and progression, (iii) to investigate the impact of nutrition and early-life exposure on epigenetic states and cancer susceptibility, and (iv) to discover and validate new epigenetic biomarkers that can be used in the development of epigenetics-based strategies for early detection and cancer prevention. EGE Group aims to exploit several recent advances that have resulted in great opportunities for cancer epigenetics in understanding the cause of common cancers and discovery of new biomarkers. These include: (i) new emerging concepts involving epigenetic mechanisms in critical cellular processes, (ii) remarkable technological advances in epigenetics and epigenomics that allow powerful screening of large series of samples with unprecedented resolution, and (iii) the availability of large case-control and population-based samples.