Research Groups

Section of Genetics - Genetic Cancer Susceptibility Group


The GCS group conducts innovative genetic studies to identify and describe the genetic variants involved in cancer susceptibility and particularly focus on the impact of genetic variants with rare population frequencies. We use a variety of study designs, including both familial and case control studies, and have a major focus on in the inclusion of bioinformatics techniques within our studies: In-silico methods used for inference of a variant putative functional consequence and methods that allow the incorporation of data derived from advanced genomics techniques into the genetic analysis.

Nested within GCS is the Genetic Services Platform (GSP), which maintains and develops a suit of genetic and genomics laboratory techniques, and related Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). The GSP provides the genomics techniques to GCS, but also support large-scale molecular epidemiology projects within the Genetics (GEN) sections and many other genomics-based projects within IARC and outside collaborators. A major goal for the GSP will be the integration of next generation sequencing technology. In May 2011, the GSP will receive a Life technologies 5500xl SOLiD next generation sequencer as well as the medium capacity Ion-Torrent personal genome machine, with associated informatics support through a Hewlett-Packard high performance computing cluster. Our immediate focus is the development of automated workflows to enable applications of these methods to the large bio-repositories housed within IARC. We will also be working closely with multiple IARC groups to develop the full suite genomics applications that NGS technology enables. A more detailed description of the Genetic Services Platform (GSP) is available at: