Research Groups

Early Detection and Prevention - Quality Assurance Group


The principle aim of the Quality Assurance Group is further development and dissemination of the body of knowledge dealing with assuring the effectiveness and the appropriateness of cancer screening and complementary primary prevention strategies. Current objectives are focused on international collaboration in:
  • Development and implementation of quality assurance guidelines dealing with the entire process of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening, including monitoring and evaluation of service screening, and taking into account appropriate integration of primary preventive strategies, such as HPV vaccination against cervical cancer
  • Development and piloting of accreditation/certification schemes for cancer services provided in the screening process in the above areas
  • Investigation of the epidemiologic significance of lesions detected in colorectal cancer screening
  • Developing international networks for the above activities, particularly a network of competence and reference centers to facilitate, training, accreditation and certification, and to ensure that primary and secondary prevention messages are communicated effectively