Who's Who

Hector Hernandez Vargas


Epigenetics Group

Academic Degrees

2006PhDBiologyUniversidad ComplutenseMadridSpain
1997MDMedicineUniversidad de CaldasManizalesColombia

Current Research Projects

  • An epigenetic signature of childhood leukemia
    Hernandez-Vargas H, Cros MP, Herceg Z.

  • Epigenetic characterization of liver cancer stem cells
    Hernandez-Vargas H, Martin M, Herceg Z

  • Imprinting deregulation and cancer
    Hernandez-Vargas H, Martin M, Herceg Z

  • An epigenomic signature of HBV infection in human hepatocytes
    Hernandez-Vargas H, Lambert MP, Ancey PB, DaCosta A, Herceg Z

Selected Publications

Herceg Z, Hernandez-Vargas H (2011) New concepts of old epigenetic phenomena and their implications for selecting specific cell populations for epigenomic research Epigenomics, 3(4) : 383-6

Lima S-CS, Hernandez-Vargas H, Simao T, Durand G, Pinto Kruel CD, Le Calvez-Kelm F, Ribeiro Pinto LF, and Herceg Z (2011) Identification of a methylome signature of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and potential epigenetic biomarkers Epigenetics. 6(10)

Hernández-Vargas H, Ouzounova M, Le Calvez-Kelm F, Lambert M-P, McKay-Chopin S, Tavtigian SV, Puisieux A, Matar C, and Herceg Z (2011) Methylome analysis reveals Jak-STAT pathway deregulation in putative breast cancer stem cells and human sporadic breast tumours Epigenetics 6(4)

Hernandez-Vargas H, Lambert MP, Le Calvez-Kelm F, Gouysse G, McKay-Chopin S, Tavtigian SV, Scoazec JY, and Herceg Z (2010) Hepatocellular carcinoma displays distinct DNA methylation signatures with potential as clinical predictors PLoS One 5(3) : e9749

Hernández-Vargas H, Palacios J and Moreno-Bueno G (2007) Molecular profiling of docetaxel cytotoxicity in breast cancer cells: uncoupling of aberrant mitosis and apoptosis Oncogene 26(20) : 2902-13

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