Who's Who

Nivonirina Robinot

Laboratory Technician

Genetic Cancer Susceptibility Group

Academic Degrees

2002First Class BSc with HonoursApplied BiologyKingstonSurreyUK
1996DUTApplied BiologyIUT, Université Claude BernardLyonFrance
1987DUESTNatural SciencesUniversité de MadagascarAntananarivoMadagascar

Current Research Projects

  • Genotyping of candidate SNPs for cancer susceptibility genes
    PI: J McKay, F Lesueur, F LeCalvez

  • Case-control mutation screening for melanoma susceptibility genes
    PI: F Lesueur

  • Case-control mutation screening for breast cancer susceptibility genes
    PI: S Tavtigian, F Lesueur

  • Management et preparation of biological samples
    PI: J McKay, F Lesueur, F LeCalvez

Selected Publications

Florence Le Calvez-Kelm, Fabienne Lesueur, Francesca Damiola, Maxime Vallée, Frédéric Guénard, Catherine Voegele, Davit Babikyan, Geoffroy Durand, Nathalie Forey, Sandrine McKay-Chopin, Nivonirina Robinot, Tù Nguyen-Dumont, Alun Thomas, Graham B. Byrnes, Francine Durocher, Breast Cancer Family Registry, John L. Hopper, Melissa C. Southey, Irene L. Andrulis, Esther M. John, Sean V. Tavtigian (2011) Rare, Evolutionarily Unlikely Missense Substitutions in CHEK2 Contribute to Breast Cancer Susceptibility: Results from a Breast CFR Case-Control Mutation Screening Study Breast Cancer Research ; 13 :R6 : 1-12

Prizes, Honours

Pfizer Prize for the Best Performance in Biology, year 2002
Nuffield Foundation Awards for the BSc project on Stem Cell research, years 2001-2002

Roles and Responsibilities

Maintain laboratory equipment and stock

Provide training to undergraduate, postgraduate and postdoc fellows

Perform laboratory work in contribution to the study of cancer susceptibility genes using SangerÂ’s and Next Generation Sequencing technologies

Set up and validate methods, troubleshoot technical problems

Participate to the development of IARC tools: electronic notebook, SOP templates, Â….