Who's Who

Magdalena Wozniak

Postdoctoral Fellow

Genetic Epidemiology Group


Molecular Biology, Molecular Epidemiology

Academic Degrees

2010PhDMolecular BiologySpanish National Cancer Research Centre / Autonomous University of MadridMadridSpain
2008DEAMolecular Biology, OncologyAutonomous University of MadridMadridSpain
2005MScBiotechnologyRigshospitalet / Technical University of DenmarkCopenhagen / LyngbyDenmark
2005MSc EngBiotechnologyTechnical University of LodzLodzPoland

Current Research Projects

  • The Cancer Genomics of the Kidney project (CAGEKID)
    M Wozniak, G Scelo, B Abedi-Ardekani, P Brennan, CAGEKID Consortium

  • Whole-genome expression profiling of renal cell carcinoma (WGE, part of KIDRISK project)
    M Wozniak, F Le Calvez-Kelm, P Brennan, G Scelo

  • Molecular mechanisms and genomic alterations in the pathogenesis of renal cell carcinoma (analysis of exome sequencing, whole-genome methylation, gene expression and microRNA data from the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project)
    M Wozniak, G Scelo, J McKay, P Brennan

  • Alcohol and risk of kidney cancer in EPIC
    M Wozniak, G Scelo, P Brennan, EPIC Consortium

Selected Publications

Wozniak MB, Le Calvez-Kelm F, Abedi-Ardekani B, Byrnes G, Durand G, Carreira C, Michelon J, Janout V, Holcatova I, Foretova L, Brisuda A, Lesueur F, McKay J, Brennan P, Scelo G. (2012) Integrative genome-wide gene expression profiling of clear cell renal cell carcinoma in Czech Republic and in the United States. PLOS ONE Under review

Martin-Sanchez E, Rodriguez-Pinilla SM, Sanchez-Beato M, Lombardia L, Dominguez-Gonzalez B, Romero D, Odqvist L, Garcia-Sanz P, Wozniak MB, Kurz G, Blanco C, Mollejo M, Alves FJ, Menarguez J, Gonzalez-Palacios F, Rodriguez-Peralto JL, Ortiz-Romero PL, Garcia JF, Bischoff JR, Piris MA. (2012) Simultaneous pan-PI3K and MEK inhibition as a potential therapeutic strategy in peripheral T cell lymphomas. Haematologica. Jul;16 Epub

Wozniak MB, Villuendas R, Bischoff JR, Blanco-Aparicio C, Martínez-Leal JF, de La Cueva P, Rodriguez ME, Herreros B, Martin-Perez D, Longo MI, Herrera M, Piris MA, Ortiz-Romero PL. (2010) Vorinostat interferes with the signaling transduction pathway of T cell receptor and synergizes with PI3K inhibitors in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. Haematologica. Apr;95(4) : 613-21

Wozniak MB, Piris MA. (2010) Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma: two faces of the same coin. J Invest Dermatol. Feb;130(2) : 348-51

Wozniak MB, Tracey L, Ortiz-Romero PL, Montes S, Alvarez M, Fraga J, Fernández Herrera J, Vidal S, Rodriguez-Peralto JL, Piris MA, Villuendas R. (2009) Psoralen plus ultraviolet A +/- interferon-alpha treatment resistance in mycosis fungoides: the role of tumour microenvironment, nuclear transcription factor-kappaB and T-cell receptor pathways. Br J Dermatol. Jan;160(1) : 92-102

Scientific Societies Membership

American Association for Cancer Research

Prizes, Honours

PhD: summa cum laude from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain (2010)
ASH Abstract Achievement Award at 51st American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition, New Orleans, US (2009)
ISCL/EORTC Abstract Award at the Joint Meeting of ISCL and EORTC on the 21st World Congress of Dermatology, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007)
Cirius grant from Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education (2004)
Socrates/Erasmus Exchange Programme, Technical University of Denmark (2003)