N° 187
16 May 2008 

Austria becomes 21st IARC Participating State

“At its meeting on 14-16 May 2008, the Governing Council of the International Agency for Research on Cancer officially welcomed the Federal Republic of Austria as its 21st Participating State.

Austria has a long tradition in both basic and clinical cancer research and there has been a sharp increase in public funding for cancer-related Research & Development efforts over the last 5 years. Austria joining other international research organisations this year testifies to Austria's commitment to building a sustainable and internationally-oriented research policy.

“Austria is expected to make a significant scientific contribution to global cancer research in joining the World Health Organization's cancer research Agency, as it reflects the growing awareness of the increasing cancer burden around the world. We need this growing political commitment to fight the disease," said Dr Peter Boyle, Director of the IARC.

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