IARC/ NCI Tumour Seminars ‘Difficult questions in renal cancer research’ 1-2 April 2015

Introductions and Presentation of the first draft of the ‘difficult questions’

Christopher P. Wild,

Session 1 - Descriptive and analytical epidemiology of renal cancer

Descriptive epidemiology and an overview of non-genetic factors for renal cancer

Ariana Znaor,

Personalized risk prediction for renal cell carcinoma

Xifeng Wu

Do circulating vitamins drive renal cancer incidence and survival?

Mattias Johansson,

Session 2 - Molecular and genetic epidemiology of renal cancer

Genetics of obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome – are there clues for renal cancer?

Tim Frayling,

Metabolic factors associated with renal cancer

Pär Stattin,

Highly penetrant kidney cancer syndromes

Marston Linehan

Clinical genetics and management of hereditary renal and adrenal cancer susceptibility syndromes

Kate Nathanson,

Common germline variation for renal cancer – results of large GWAS

Mark Purdue

Session 3 - Genomics of renal cancer

Landscape of somatic alterations in kidney cancer – an integrated analysis

Chad Creighton,

Renal cancer evolution – accessing the time axis

Su Kit Chew,

TCEB1 mutated tumors, a novel entity of clear cell renal carcinomas

Seishi Ogawa,

Genomic signatures for environmental exposures – the CAGEKID study

Ghislaine Scélo,

Chromatin alterations in RCC

Ian Davis,

Integrating proteomics with genomics – biomarker and therapeutic target discovery

Roz Banks,

Genomics of pediatric renal tumors

Elizabeth J Perlman

Session 4 - Therapeutic Issues in renal cancer

Genomics and management of renal cancer: move in translation

Olivier Cussenot,

Optimal targeting of the PD-1/PD-L1 Pathway in Metastatic RCC

David F. McDermott,

How to rationalize intermittent schedule and dose adaptation with VEGF inhibitors?

Bernard Escudier,