Who's Who

Rosita Maria Accardi-Gheit


Epigenetics Group


Virology and mechanisms of cellular transformation

Academic Degrees

2001PhDBiochemical and Molecular BiologyDepartment of Chemical Science Catania UniversityCataniaItaly
1998Graduate studentMolecular BiologyCatania UniversityCataniaItaly

Current Research Projects

  • Mechanisms of inhibition of p53/p73 pro-apoptotic pathways by oncogenic viruses (e.g. cutaneous HPV and EBV)
    Accardi R., Tommasino M.

  • Co-operation of oncogenic viruses and other co-factors in carcinogenesis
    Accardi R., Wild C., Tommasino M.

  • Role of β cutaneous HPV types in skin carcinogenesis
    Accardi, R, Gheit T., McKay S., Tommasino M.

Selected Publications

Cornet I., Bouvard V, Campo MS, Thomas M, Banks L, Gissmann L, Lamartine J, Sylla BS, Accardi R, Tommasino M. (2012) Comparative analysis of transforming properties of E6 and E7 from different beta human papillomavirus types. Journal of Virology Vol 86 (4) : 2366-70

Accardi R, Rubino R, Scalise M, Gheit T, Shahzad N, Thomas M, Banks L, Indiveri C, Sylla BS, Cardone RA, Reshkin SJ, Tommasino M (2011) E6 and E7 from human papillomavirus type 16 cooperate to target the PDZ protein Na/H exchange regulatory factor 1 Journal of Virology Vol 85 (16) 8208-16

Accardi R, Scalise M, Gheit T, Hussain I, Yue J, Carreira C, Collino A, Indiveri C, Gissmann L, Sylla BS, Tommasino M. (2011) IkappaB kinase beta promotes cell survival by antagonizing p53 functions through DeltaNp73alpha phosphorylation and stabilization Mol Cell Biol. Vol 31(11) : 2210-26

Gabet AS, Accardi R, Bellopede A, Popp S, Boukamp P, Sylla BS, Londoņo-Vallejo JA, Tommasino M. (2008) Impairment of the telomere/telomerase system and genomic instability are associated with keratinocyte immortalization induced by the skin human papillomavirus type 38 FASEB J. Vol 22(2) : 622-32

Accardi R, Dong W, Smet A, Cui R, Hautefeuille A, Gabet AS, Sylla BS, Gissmann L, Hainaut P, Tommasino M (2006) Skin human papillomavirus type 38 alters p53 functions by accumulation of deltaNp73 EMBO Rep. Vol 7(3) : 334-40

Prizes, Honours

Graduate dissertation mark 110/110 magna cum laude