Who's Who

Tarik Gheit


Infections and Cancer Biology Group


Molecular biology

Academic Degrees

2007PostdoctoralInfections and Cancer BiologyWHO/IARCLyonFrance
2004PhDVirologyInserm Unit 271LyonFrance
1999MSMicrobiologyUniversity Claude Bernard Lyon ILyonFrance
1993BAMAT. and NAT. ScienceAcademia of BordeauxRabatMorocco

Current Research Projects

  • Establishment of a Luminex platform for high throughput screening of infectious agents
    T Gheit, S McKay-Chopin, M Tommasino

  • Epidemiological studies on the distribution of infectious agents in different human cancers
    T Gheit, S McKay-Chopin, M Tommasino

  • Determination of cervical cancer risks associated with high-risk HPV variants
    I Cornet, T Gheit, GM Clifford, S Franceschi, M Tommasino

Selected Publications

Cornet I, Gheit T, Franceschi S, Vignat J, Burk RD, Sylla BS, Tommasino M, Clifford GM; the IARC HPV variant study. (2012) HPV16 genetic variants: phylogeny and classification based on E6 and LCR. J Virol. : In press

Gheit T, Cornet I, Clifford GM, Iftner T, Munk C, Tommasino M, Kjaer SK. (2011) Risks for persistence and progression by human papillomavirus type 16 variant lineages among a population-based sample of Danish women. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 20(7) : 1315-21

Schmitt M, Dondog B, Waterboer T, Pawlita M, Tommasino M, Gheit T. (2010) Abundance of multiple high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infections found in cervical cells analyzed by use of an ultrasensitive HPV genotyping assay. J Clin Microbiol. 48(1) : 143-9

Gheit T, Billoud G, de Koning MN, Gemignani F, Forslund O, Sylla BS, Vaccarella S, Franceschi S, Landi S, Quint WG, Canzian F, Tommasino M. (2007) Development of a sensitive and specific multiplex PCR method combined with DNA microarray primer extension to detect Betapapillomavirus types. J Clin Microbiol. 45(8) : 2537-44

Gheit T, Landi S, Gemignani F, Snijders PJ, Vaccarella S, Franceschi S, Canzian F, Tommasino M. (2006) Development of a sensitive and specific assay combining multiplex PCR and DNA microarray primer extension to detect high-risk mucosal human papillomavirus types. J Clin Microbiol. 44(6) : 2025-31